Ukrainian Armed Forces shelling Future weapons of Ukraine 2019 1 day ago   04:53

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Lemon Nation
i thought ukraine war was over
Mr. Tactical
This proves that small compact drones are the future for recon and tools for target designation. The ability to call in a fire mission with that level of precision is extremely valuable.
ja ja j flats of jude president ja ja !!
Влад Березень
Дякую Вам!!!👍👍👍
okman wolodia
Jebac Ukrainę
Karina Glover
Olli Rantala
Nice shots
This time around UkroNazis will have pay for their crimes in blood, there is not other way. Back in 1945 they were given amnesty in hopes that they will choose a life of peace, but instead their degenerate offspring went right back to murdering.

Their degenerate, murderous genealogy must be eliminated or they will never stop murdering.
MomentofTruth666 tom Bronski
There will come time when the Jews who finance those wars will be punished for their crimes against humanity.

Ukrainians are dumb fucks - it is not your territory, it is not your people - fuck off.
Алсу Карамуллина
И? Толку. Обстрелять обстреляли, а чего добиться то хотели? Позиции не захвачены. Тогда смысл был стрелять спрашиваеться
miki o
Nazi scum
Lalruatdika Varte
Ukrainian must push out the Russian people's to there country.
Right Meow!
How can artillery be so accurate? Some went right into the trench.
Any chance these are being guided via the drone camera? I mean, are these guided shells? Or is this guy “walking them in” and adjusting fire mission via the camera view? That’s how I do it on BF4.
Lawrence Cole
Stupid video thanks for the 5000 dollar grassfire footage, that happened years ago.
Theodore Graham
Brothers killing brothers
Slav Defendov
Donbass Republik!!
Learned Hand
Looks like that food truck is the safest place in eastern Ukraine lol
Fuck every single ukrop nazi on this earth.
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Future weapons of Ukraine 2019 Ukrainian Armed Forces shelling 1 day ago   07:49

Here is the list of Future weapons of Ukrainian military.

VV-2 high-speed helicopter
Antonov An-70 (Антонов Ан-70), Military transport aircraft 0
Volodymyr Velykyi-class corvette(Project 58250)
Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigate
Gyurza-M-class artillery boat
Centaur-class fast assault craft
Hrim-2 (missile system) or Gr?m-2 or Grom-2
Upgraded ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft gun
Iskra 80K6T radar
Phantom-2, unmanned wheeled modular complex.
Bars-8MMK, Mobile Mortar complex
LimpidArmor helmet-mounted circular review system

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