Ukraine war: Brown Moses Ukraine : "Les forces ukrainiennes 2 days ago   03:22

The Guardian
Blogger and citizen journalist Eliot Higgins – aka Brown Moses – explains how he used open-source information to determine cross-border artillery attacks that appear to be being fired from Russian territory into Ukraine.
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His team used satellite imagery on Google Earth and crater analysis techniques
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Vesa Leppänen
Fuck u Putin! Support Ukraine.
Jim Dobbin
What "proof" was presented in this video? What experts were interviewed? Where's the analysis of the scientific community? Mr Higgins is unqualified in this field by his own admission. Technical wizardry, swishing sounds and flashings images don't a convincing case make. The "tested methods" Mr Higgins refers to also require, that's right "require", qualified experts to study the crater and carry out tests to ascertain it's depth, and imprint. Higgins wishes that this bit of the military doctrine be ignored as he nor any of his "team" has ever been in a war zone, near a war zone or gained any military experience.

He is not solely to blame herein as the Guardian passes his work of as proven fact without feeling the need to cross-reference his theories with any real expert. The same way the Guardian allowed Mr Higgins to write a glowing appraisal of himself in the the third person on this very subject in the Guardian online - before being forced to edit the piece acknowledging that it was indeed Higgins that wrote about himself. The only opinion that was sought of an expert was from Stephen Johnson, who isn't a crater analysis expert again by his own admission, yet he warned caution about using these untested, unverified claims from a group of hobbyists. So maybe the next time the Guardian wishes to report on a military issue they will actually consult with military analysts! You know, in the air of trying to get an informed opinion etc. Would you make a documentary about heart surgery without interviewing a heart surgeon? No of course not. Yet you make a documentary about crater analysis without consulting a military expert. Agenda much?
Drago Varsas
A unemployed liar is now an expert in everything.
Max Havelaar
Victoria Nuland, F*ck the EU, US state department neo-con Kagan, has led the US/Soros instigated violent overthrow of the Ukraïne. And installed a Jewish ologarchy to run the country.

They attacked and murdered in East-Ukraïne.

Jewish neocons in the US did it, again, after Lybia, Syria and Irak.
Made the mistake of reading the comments section. The Kremlin propaganda trolls are hard at it, as is to be expected. Bear in mind that a great many of the comments below are from people who are paid by the Putin regime to spew horseshit on comment threads. Good work Eliot.
Andrew Paparazzo
Holy Russia! "Savior" of the world!!!
Mariusz Michalak
Nie wierze, Amerykanom trzeba wszystko tłumaczyć że putin jest zły, a powstańcy rosyjscy są wspierane przez Rosję, na logikę jak garstka Rosjan jest w stanie pokonać 4 eksportera broni?
Pretty solid hypothesis, Russia can't deny that they didn't "attack" Ukraine directly.
Hitler's ideals live and flourish in today's Russia. What a shame. What a shame.
Новости Онлайн
This story is fake for stupid. 
Ramon Navarro
Ukraine may surrender. They cannot hold out forever.
Um, so the only evidence presented here is this dorks scientific theory using open source information? So forget about there being no hard evidence huh? I have a good question, why would Russia do this? They have the support of the people of Eastern Ukraine, they consider themselves more Russian than Poroshenkos fascist version of European. These poeple share the same concepts of socialism as Russia, so why would they shell they're brothers and sisters? The world already has a negative opinion of Kievs new govt., no reason to further push the point.

Now I have a good question. Can you at least admit that it may be possible that your findings may be incorrect? Your answer would probably be more informative than your conclusion.
Do these people who spread this propaganda without a tad bit of evidence actually believe in this shit that they spread or they know and they just don't want people to know the truth? All though its too late thanks to unbiased journalists and the internet...
This is also the same guy who claimed he had the evidence incriminating Assad and the Syrian government of gassing their own people in Damascus when it turned out to be a false flag operation carried out by jihadists in order to bring the US into the war.
The problem with this 'evidence' is that there are no satellite reconaisance photos to back this claim up. This is a hotly contested part of the world, NATO and US satellites would be watching this part of the world 24/7, its hard to believe they would not be able to photograph Grad launchers and artillery pieces while they are deployed in the field.
Steve Arthur
So...where is the border???
ma jebo vam pas mater americku ,sta cete vi u ukrajini,donosite im demokratiju kao u vujetnamu
Tobias Bradley
Yeah they're trying to protect villages of people with no means of defending them selves
Irina Sirotkina
Pro-russian idiots will reject this despite all the proofs, cause the only thing they trust is "Russia Today"s report. If no link at RT, means it false for them. "Link on RT where they saying that Russia attacks Ukraine please. No link? So you are lying!!!!"
Dont Threaten Me
WHAT A JOKE of an assessment.-LOL- i wouldn't get this guy to give me a terrain reading if i want to take a run
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Ukraine : "Les forces ukrainiennes Ukraine war: Brown Moses 2 days ago   02:04

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