Crapola (with guest Matt Chris D'Elia SAVAGE Moments 2 days ago   1:23:35

Chris D'Elia
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On today's show, Chris and Matt talk family, Police Academy, Quentin Tarantino, Kuffs, Paul Reiser, Christian Slater, Steve Guttenberg, and Matt's new podcast, Matt D'Elia is Confused, which you can subscribe to here:

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Mayor Apeshit
I enjoy your stand up...funny as hell.... like your personality, but your youtube is way better with your brother on it as a guest...way more funny and interesting- great balance.....of course, personal opinion. STAY gettin it.
Miriam Lachica
It's how to tell who is who if you're not watching and just trying to listen. Their voices are way too damn similar.
Fans: "We want more guests"
Chris: *Brings a carbon copy of himself to the podcast*
Fans: Wait...that's illegal.
Ranma Saotome
This looks like one of those edits where Joe Rogan talks with Roe Jogan.
Get Will Sasso on!!!
My OCD wishes this podcast went on for 11 more seconds...
J Rex
This is the sequel to the 1988 movie Twins
D Escalade
Their lack of eye contact is completely unsettling.
Marius VanDamme
This podcast should always be a 2 person podcast, and that other person should be Matt.
deshaun dozier
Y does his brother look sooooo tiny
Dave Devine
Dude Paul Riser was in Stranger Things ... HELLO!?!?!
alpha centauri
Best episode ever
brian natarelli
Brendan Schaub is a terrible comedian. Chris do something #beigefrequency
Josh Andrews
Matt looks like if Chris made an appearance on bobs burgers
Matts rapper name should be Lil' 7hris
Bradley Griffith
Audio only podcast sounds like Chris arguing with Chris.
Michael Martin
Chris face 47:50 ahhahah
First time seeing yo bro. cool.
Chris D'elia, Outlaw😁😎
Chris is mad funny. Like just a unique kind of funny. Good comedian🙌.
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Chris D'Elia SAVAGE Moments Crapola (with guest Matt 2 days ago   10:02

Chris D'Elia funniest and most savage moments.

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