The Ukrainian War in Donbass explained briefly Powerful Bombardment in Donbass! 200 Shells 1 day ago   06:01

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I very briefly explain the Ukrainian War in Donbass, from the start in 2014 up to July 2019, covering a simple view of the timeline.

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Thank you to everybody who contributed footage.

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I wouldn't name it Ukrainian war. Russian-Ukrainian war. Russian military intervention in Ukraine. Russian hybrid warfare in Ukraine. Russian proxy war in Ukraine. You choose.
Banana- Fana
I love youuuu ! :)
USA is guilty of war in Ukraine, Russia, Venezuela and other socialist countries which expose crimes of USA against humanity. USA terrorizes poor country by brain-drain and drain of other resources. These are the main reasons for all wars.
Andrii Link
You were good, considering the timeframe.
History Hustle
Thanks for the overview!
Alexander Nazarenko
Mr. Lynch , thank you very much for job done! God bless you!
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Powerful Bombardment in Donbass! 200 Shells The Ukrainian War in Donbass explained briefly 1 day ago   07:07

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Shelling has returned to the Donbass, and it's the most intense since 2015. A cross and a forged rose are exactly where the shell hit and where our colleagues died in 2014. And so many flowers are here for a reason. They were brought by schoolchildren. There's a middle school nearby named after Igor Kornelyuk and Anton Voloshin.

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