Boeing 737 MAX 8 crash: Family that Boeing CEO 'sorry' for lives lost 1 day ago   02:11

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Relatives of Kenyan victims killed in the Ethiopian Airlines crash of a Boeing 737 MAX 8 say they will sue the plane manufacturer for damages. The plane crashed just after takeoff, killing all 157 people on board, including 36 Kenyans, the highest number of passengers from any one country. A sensor failure is being blamed for the crash. Some families feel justice has not been served and want to hit Boeing where it hurts the most, their purse. Our correspondent in Kenya brings us this report.
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MR shooter 10725
Not the kids man boeing needs to face worse than justice.😔😔😔
Olwen Morgan
MCAS = Manoeuvring Computer Assures Suicide?
Mark Sketch
Check this out IT WILL SHOCK AND EDUCATE YOU , it’s ALL Max variants as u will see
joe jack
Which company does not put profit before life? NONE
Zeah Bank
My heart is BLEEDING 😿 what a HORROR
Normandy Vannheim
Everyone is with you in the fight against such inhuman acts.
IAF Jaihind
everyone affected in the 2 crashes of 737 max 8 must sue boeing for its corporate greed, putting profits before safety, sue them to go after their profits
Blame the boeing and the MCAS software that they didn't tell how to handle it.
jan boezeroem
Boeing MAX? - Maximum disappointment.
Shame ding ding ding - Shame ding ding ding -
what a spectacle you made of your self over the years,
"Boeing" shame on you

Not likely i'll be boarding any of your newer types soon, if at all ever again. Whatever flight i can book arround your newer types brand - eaven if this might mean loosing time over sea by travelling by boat.
Better to choose a destination according to type of airecraft brand and savety ariving alive, than puting choise and chanses in hands of your coöparion dessisions founded on greed and haste to serves your competitive proffit urge over safety.
Even buying a ticked from a coöperet profit junky proves to be deadly now a day's. Money drug kills no different. Junky habits, not being strong enough to fight this urge puting not only your own - but life of others at stake, clouding judgement over common sense. The responsiblility of choises on that scale no longer suits you nore is founded to be save in the hand of your coöperate staff nor leaders nor its software developers. You totally prooved Newer is not always better. 2.0 for the benefit of some bug$$$ compeating and staking bets over the lives your passenger while yourself traveling in cöoperative yetstream liners, you prooved you can't be trusted with your own line of policy. Your "Max" made Boeing the PANAM of the future. If your competition was aimed to "win" from Airbus. you cleary "lost" big time. Going for the Max ending up with the minimum.

Rather take my chanses elsewere - what ever the route will take me wide around boeing. The romantic highlight days of the 777 are over.
now they are a reminder of what coöperations like yourself wil go to arms length - smudging the fine reputation of the 777 in the hands of your leaders of today and tomorrow. No longer shall i contribute of glorefying Boeing 777, from now on ill refer tot the 777 as the A380 and a half, Hoping this will put distance between "Boeing as brand name from the branded name, to atleast respect the those that made 777 (stand corrected) the older "A380 and a half" a remarkable timeless beauty of the sky

Your directors and developers that most likely fly in your private charterd liniar yets should have tested these planes them self on board of third world countries. One can not name this to be a coincedence with a streight face, of course accedents on this scale only happens to be first with 3th and second world country's like Ethiopia and Indonesia. Ofcourse your own relatives where never even close on these two modern flying softwere coffins.

You surely took the romance of flying out of the sky.
This of course would never happen with a Boeing Max taking off from JFK, nor close from Whashington of any air poirt close from NY. No, it always is from some far-a-way thirworld country. acompanied with your of course being sorry again and the acompanied excusses, surely fiering down instead of up keeping the wrong dssion makers safely in place.

Ethiopia, let this be a wise lesson for you! You old planes where just fine. Beter spend your money on "food" and infra structure than on newer types of planes. What where you thinking? By adding newer planes to your fleet you could save a bug or to too?

think again. If something new comes along, wait a view years till they workded out all the bugsss but even stil...shouldn't you have other priority's?
alex walter
Terrorliner needs fly Boeing managers around a year before they recertifications
ray hanes
My God that's awful! He lost his wife and kids.
So sorry for this... The CEO of Boeing should be charged with murder.
Toby Khalid
If it’s airbus, then I rather take a bus
Marlon Bryan Muñoz Núñez
Not only this man and all relatives of the victims must receive reparations, but also all the higher ups on Boeing, that allowed this to happen and then try to cover it up, need to go to prison. Starting with the CEO. Accountability is seriously needed. Also if companies are people they also should face then the corporate death penalty for their failures: breaking and seizure of their assets.
Jason Smith
they knew, and know they're going to continue losing market share; China's got a fledgling single-aisle airplane manufacturer, on home soil - they're not going to give an inch to Boeing; its all show; the 'trade deal' - to fool Americans...and, its working. but, there's more; Airbus' subsidies make it impossible for Boeing to compete on a fair playing field - as if that was not enough, then there's the issue of engine choice; there was the more efficient 'Geared Turbo Fan', that came out a couple of years back, it had 'teething problems', and now, the engine technology is advancing...more than GE Leap technology...Boeing chose the more optimized conventional, to their detriment. And finally, to make things worse, the competition for market share drove Boeing to speed the introduction of the 737...leading to the crash of two consecutive 737s...bad enough Boeing now has a reputation for much less reliable exactly is this supposed to end...? - if you own Boeing stock, you have been duly warned!!!
This is what happens when corporations take over a government.
felter hills
Sorry to say that the key is to wait for the final investigation result. Just because there are two similar events does not necessarily means it's Boeing's responsibility; humans could make similar mistakes.
African Pharaoh
I know can't bring his family back but sue them
some facts.
1. Boeing self insures.... so they are paying.
2. At 2,000,000 bucks per fatality...its 600 million say. add legal fees and fines brings it to say 1 billion. Boeing made 10 billion net profit last year. So not a crushing event financially.

Trade accordingly.
jeronimo angulo
i hope they get justice....
my condolences, 💛
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Boeing CEO 'sorry' for lives lost Boeing 737 MAX 8 crash: Family that 1 day ago   04:23

The pilots on board Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 battled the plane's automated flight control systems for almost the entire duration of the six-minute flight, according to a preliminary report into the crash obtained by CNN. CNN's Tom Foreman has the details. #CNN #News

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