2020 TOYOTA SUPRA REVIEW! R33 Skyline in AMERICA?! -R33 Review! 2 days ago   19:44

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The Toyota Supra is the car of our generation. It's the car that Brian ripped through the streets in the Fast and the Furious. It's the car that notoriously dominated the street racing scene for years, the car that made insane horsepower when many other platforms didn't. It's an in depth brand and a myth of a vehicle that has captured our hearts and minds. For the 2020 model year Supra, Toyota has an insane legacy to follow up on and while using an insanely different platform - left the internet feeling on the fence about the new car. So does the 2020 Supra deliver? Thanks for watching!

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It’s back.

What did you all think?
Sean Rose
this thing is shit .... nice nazi car
Lance Hondrade
*The best part about this Supra, is that you can make it whatever you want it to be. A drift king, a track monster, a rally car, a time attack beast, and so much more.*
Michael Clark
That car looks so good but i am biased as a BMW guy ,my fun car is a turbo E46 M3 I will have to say the new supra does sound better than my car. I have always loved the look of the M roadster and I see a lot of that influence in this car. BMW has been making great I6 motors for a long time. I can see people going with big turbos and big fuel systems and see a lot of power. I think it lives up to the supra name for sure.
Darkside Loneliness
Nope.. i don't think it worth it. That basically like rebadge bmw Z4.. n yeah.. they should applied 3pedal. Its tradition all I'm saying. About machine..well..I'm not too bother thou. Still.. too much unfamiliarity unlike successor mk4
michael gregory
I actually feel better about this car after you mentioned that Toyota tore it apart and ensure it met their quality standards. BMW is infamous for making powerplants that are fantastic... all the way until the warranty expires.
I like the way the Supra looks. It looks like a Supra without being a direct copy of the Mk4.
Personally, I absolutely love this new Supra. It's exactly what it's supposed to be; a modern version of the Supra. It's not supposed to be exactly like the MK4, but something new. I actually think it's better than the MK4 (However the 2JZ is iconic and amazing). I think it also looks absolutely beautiful irl. The pictures don't do it justice
Chrisdidwht 91
Nissan built the r35, a new r34 but faster and better. Did it all on their own.
Acura built the nsx, a new nsx but faster and better. Did it all on their own.
Toyota rebadged/rebodied a bmw, then called it a supra (it's really more like a 2000gt). It's not even a gt car anymore its a tiny 2 seater. And they expect us to respect this thing? The mk5 will be the most chopped up, motor swapped, rebodied Toyota ever built.

Oh and btw the nsx was never "accessible" it was always expensive AF.
Andrew Church
For someone with a bias against the supra, its awesome that you opened your mind to take a look at things that you DID like about the car. Your various smirks and grins whilst punting the car says as much as your commentary.
Andrew Church
No one is talking about what BMW gets out of the collaboration, it has to be huge or otherwise why would THEY bother? Everyone is talking as if Toyota is adopting everything BMW, the kinda bias in play when I grew up in the 70s but is stupid now.
Geoffrey Toussaint
NSX made in-house. awesome features, great performance. high price. people complain.

Supra made via BMW help. awesome features, great performance. price not as high as it would’ve been if made in house. people complain.
J Ko
For drivetrain repair/maintenance, should I go to BMW or Toyota dealership? Serious question..
Louis Barningham
bob bobo
You can tell people when they ask about the motor, hey its not a a 3j or even a spiffed up 2j, but DAMN it was affordable as hell for Toyota bean counters! Then you can run it through the substandard 8 speed autobox only and they will be real impressed as they pass you effortlessly in their Mustang GT with a 10 speed that costs a lot less. Prepare to get walked at every light by everything but a minivan....sorry I got some rage, this car sux. Someone need to say it.
bob bobo
Lets not pretend this is a Japanese muscle car, its a BMW. Personally I like the Z-4 better. Good poser car for yuppies tho, they will LOVE IT. Sadly, a GTR will just shit all over this new "Supra".
Brian Ruiz
Man, try to drive the GT500 next!
Craig Campbell
Am I the only one that doesn’t like farts and pops?
Craig Campbell
People didn’t love the 2JZ because Toyota designed it. They liked it because it was a highly modifiable 6 cylinder that could handle tons of horse power. This is too. It’s the ten or twelve fake vents and scoops that I have an issue with. I wish car companies would stop doing this. All it does is make the car look plastic and cheap and draw attention to the fact that it doesn’t need them or they’d be functional.
at like 8:50 you changed my mind completely because I was disappointed that this was gonna be so off of its previous generations but now it seems like they did so good on doing something different
Tristan Smith
I saw a white one of the motorway a month or two ago and in my opinion, it looks great. I really like it from the back, from the front close up I am still not sure, but from a distance, it looks great. All around though a thumbs up, and the aftermarket will no doubt fix anyone's little niggles.
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R33 Skyline in AMERICA?! -R33 Review! 2020 TOYOTA SUPRA REVIEW! 2 days ago   11:56

For this video, I hop in a Skyline R33 owned by my buddy Ron. It was one hell of a day. Thanks for watching!
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