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The trailer is here.

The Final Season begins April 14 on HBO.

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Man 86
Really shame, they disappointed millions of people. I consider it as a crime. The man was drunk while writing season 8 and super drunk after episode 3.
Alonso de agustin
We will never forget what Game Of Thrones taught us: death is the enemy, the first one and the last one, the enemy always wins but even so we keep fighting against him. Game of Thrones literally change my life! I hope you enjoy Game Of Thrones, but also I recomended the Books... Valar Dohaeris!!
JP amezcua
Man this season took a big shit in are faces!!!!!
Remember when we were all hyped because of this trailer?
Oh man good old days...
#Sam_SamRaaT ParaShari
Bhut jhaantu end hai
I liked everything, I don’t get the haters. I loved the end.
For me it is the greatest story ever..
The only reason game of thrones is the best show in the world is because all the black people are slaves in this show... best regards a brown man :)
Neddy Stark
So sad that such a brilliant show was overtaken by the "suits" at HBO and fucking destroyed.
Hureah Gepulla
Ooo damn, game of thrones are soo famous right now! How is this possible?
I really thought that this season was gonna be epic. During the 2-year waiting period, a day didn't pass by without me thinking about it. How wrong I was...
I’m not, really. Not anymore. I remember what it felt like to be a fan, but I remember so much else now.”
George Hamilton
Huh, I forgot that they actually built up the White Walkers as the big bad of the season.
Gabriel Narag
Season 8 is extremely horrible. Please don't watch it.
John Byron
The season that was promised.
Grant Wood
This trailer is basically cersei's best bits. She stood around the whole season drinking wine doing fuck all
I'm a traveler from a parallel universe. In my universe GoT has 10 seasons. Since season 6 things went a little bit different. Much better ending, Night King did not die in Winterfell and many more. If you want to buy a flash drive containing them, please send 1.6 million dollars to my bitcoin account. Details on Priv. Cheers!
Denis A.
I can't belive.... How many years for that ending. Dany deserve more than knife. Give to People good ending and let us To be happy. No comment... Never again watch this writer or producer product!!! Never
Spoilt Brat
Dont watch this season please
Murmad Man
10 years of 100 million viewers lives = 1billion years wasted with a shitty finale
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Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode Game of Thrones | Season 8 | Official 2 days ago   10:58

The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9PM on HBO.

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