Removing Barnacles From Poor A Whale Shark Cooperates with 1 day ago   10:02

Removing Barnacles From Poor Sea Turtles Compilation - Rescue Sea Turtles! Part 2

You can watch Part 1:
You can watch Part 3:
You can watch Part 4:

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Turtle Rescue

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Geraldi elétrica
Porque ainda pescam com rede,teria que ter cadeia pelo menos 5 anos de prisão.
You are a hero. God Bless you
Rung Bakker Chatchawal
รอดตายแล้วลูกเอ้ย คงจะทรมานน่าดู😢😟
Mohammed Rahman
Thank you !!!
Gudiya Didi
You are doing a great job
God bless you guys
keerthi k
Sorry animals for all these...we are suffering you alot..😓😭😭
Jeez those barnacles are a real pain in the ass
hoi nguyen
Chúng thật tội nghiệp.
PK Singh Tech
Manoharan Nalliah
The person who help animals are such a blessed people
Manoharan Nalliah
God bless u such a great guys 😭
For the 717 people that disliked. Be that person stuck in a net. Eh fuck it it’ll be alright. Right??? Idiots.
Mobin Mirshekari
What you are doing is really wonderful ! Keep it up ! 😊😊
Barry Hunt
715 thumbs down 👎 who are those cretins 😡🙄
Gayathri N
Wooow really u r great
Qué es? Don hongos?
Steven Samson
Well done to everyone involved.
Thanks for save a life.
Actually every organism on planet produces pollutions, it is important part of life and life itself would not exist without garbage. There is circulation of
waste in nature and this is quite ok, but we just do it more efficient than others. We progressing too fast and now nature just can't deal with it. In fact like about 100 years ago there was mostly nothing in humanity materials, that did not decompose in nature or was toxic, but then we make plastic, and it was the point where we left nature far behind. Actually my point ow view - we should left nature apart of us. We cant exist in harmony anymore, and it is time to left home, where we grow up and build our own. We are not child of nature anymore, but instead we are adults that can already leave own life without parent help. As good child's it will be good to help mother nature, and from time to time, but nothing more. My idea is to build new home in places where is no life that we can harm - deserts, glaciers, mountains, underearh or even other planets. Places where mostly nothing can't survive, but we can. We should use that free space to build our new, high technology cozy and comfortable home. We have technology and intelligence to do that, but still, as silly teenagers we are afraid to leave parents home, and we live at the expense of parents, and even not want to clean our room, I will not even speak about all house. That is not normal behavior, and not what human should do. I hope my analogies was clear to understanding.
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A Whale Shark Cooperates with Removing Barnacles From Poor 1 day ago   01:29

A diver stumbles across a whale shark trapped in a commercial fishing line. Sensing the diver is there to help, the goliath lies still while the rope is cut.


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