VELVET BUZZSAW (2019) Ending ALIEN COVENANT (2017) Everything 2 days ago   20:06

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Enter the high stakes and high dollar world of modern art in the horror comedy VELVET BUZZSAW, where it appears that newly discovered pieces of art of connected or possibly responsible for an increasing string of mysterious murders. Featuring an all star cast led by Jake Gyllenhaal, Toni Collete, Rene Russo and John Malkovich this hilarious and gruesome satire leaves us with many questions in the end. Learn all about the film's true meaning, the strange killer paintings, the artist behind them, and explaining the quite open ending.

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Beef Stew0_0
Coco Karma
That cat is so fat!!
Kailyssia Pym
I was so happy when all these characters died. They were terrible people but I felt so bad for the assistant that kept finding the bodies. IRL she would be looked at for those murders. Dull movie with so much potential. The last death made me cringe though.
What an underwhelming ending. Seemed like it was missing a third act
Josephina’s end was f'd up, kinda liked her at the start but then she grew into a real narcissistic bitch later
Martín Puga
Can someone explain the link between Rhodora's death and Deese's painting? 
I don't think it was really about "recreating the scene in the painting" cause that would mean she did it by chance - it seems more of a you were destined to die today and in this pose and thats why you didnt die crushed under that sculpture.
Martín Puga
Now I really want to go get Starbucks wonder, why that may be
MysticalSparkle 57
i think it was a really good movie
im sorry but does this explain the ending or does he just narrate the whole moviex
nut meg
This is kinda like layers of fear (a kinda spoiler if you never played the game) where the player plays as an artist that uses parts of his wifes body for a painting
Box McNug
Can't sell Deez Paintings :D
Michel Blue
I'll definitely use crayons next time. Blood's a waaaay too mainstream medium nowadays 😂.
KITTY!!!! XD whats its name?
Loaf of beans
5:39 nuts
100% Free
Hes the perfect artist
tori vivi
I dont think dease would haunt the couple who bought the painting or anyone else unless they knew it was his and tried making a profit off it. Dease, throughout the whole thing only killed people who were using his art for profit, so why kill innocent people who just admire his art? Literally the whole point the movie was trying to make. Appreciate art for how you feel about it not for how people will react to it.
tori vivi
In the last few minutes I was like 'wait..but it's her museum, why hasn't she been killed off?'...and then of course the ending happened
Jacob Caruthers
4:27 damn she got some chapped ass lips
Jeff Barton
What a steaming pile of dogshit this movie was. First its just the paintings made with blood and then all works of art. Wtf?
olra the exposer
From nightcrawler to this....
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ALIEN COVENANT (2017) Everything VELVET BUZZSAW (2019) Ending 2 days ago   22:11

Everything Explained for the new ALIEN COVENANT starring Katherine Waterston and Danny McBride. There's surprising connections to Prometheus plus a lot of new mysteries to dig into that hint at a much larger series mythology being developed.

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