India’s cow vigilantes are targeting Muslims The Making of Lynchistan: Inside India's 2 days ago   14:58

In India, Muslims are being killed over cows.
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India’s government has strict laws surrounding cow slaughter because cows are sacred in Hinduism. Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized the need to make sure India’s cows are protected and some state governments followed suit by opening more cow shelters and ordering more police crackdowns. But some took cow protection into their own hands.

Cow vigilantes started patrolling neighborhoods looking to physically punish those who were allegedly harboring cows, consuming cows or even transporting cows. In most cases, the victims of these mob beatings were Muslim.

This Vox Borders episode looks at why violence over cows increased since India’s elections in 2014.

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Johnny Harris
Thank you all for watching Vox Borders! This was the 5th and final episode for this season. I'm excited to go back to the drawing board and find a new location for the next season of Borders later this year. Don't forget to sign up for the Vox Video Lab if you want a behind the scenes look at how we make Borders and other Vox videos.
See you next time!
Normal Person
VOX : cow slaughter LAW by GOVERNMENT 4:05
VOX : the GOVERNMENT is at fault
Dreem Feed
Why you are showing the wrong map of India don't you have the basic knowledge
So many videos underlining the "discrimination" of muslims in India. No videos underlining the fact that THERE ARE NO MORE HINDUS IN PAKISTAN (99% muslim)
Md Rihan
India is the largest exporter of beef and cows though😐
The Truth Traveller
Best thing is everyone goes back to their country..
Punjabi Boy
some of these murderers go abroad and work selling beef flavoured products such as noodles and they act like cows at work
Mohd Danish
I think all illiterate and Mindless peoples are born in India only
Just thanking you is not enough for this video. Best video
Tazim Ali
But world🌏 media is still silent🔇
Taimour tanoli
Saary jhaan say Ganda gandustaan tumhra
Fahad Maqbool
U beauty jinnah...
Sohail Rana
I'm pakistani tnx to showing Indian real image
naresh sahu
This is new India mate.
Sadiq Rehman
India supply beef meat all over the world, and the supplier is HINDU Al kabeer, no body touch him Why? Simple thing this all against Muslims, the NERO india is completely Finished, Wake up indian Muslims
meer khan vlogs
Good job show to world India oregnl face only Pakistan tuch them because Pakistan is India father we 14 August they 15 August
mis bes
Dear foreigners Dont come to india ask for beef u will be dead already
Ersad Ahmed
Sir,this to inform you that all the accused are free now as per the court the incident didn't happen,akhlaque was not murderer. Sir this is what happens with the muslims in India. We will fight back very soon.....
Nimesh Udamulla
This whole problem Acura’s because of the United Kingdom form an huge country called British India who when left split the country into Muslim Hindu
Presidency Geology UG 2015-2018
school massacres in USA over??
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The Making of Lynchistan: Inside India's India’s cow vigilantes are targeting Muslims 2 days ago   13:02

Since the lynching of Mohd Akhlaq in September 2015 in Dadri, there have been more than 35 lynchings related to cattle vigilantism, in 11 states across India. Why is it that #moblynching in India have become the new normal? And how exactly does #Lynchistan operate? Here's an inside view of the lethal #cowvigilantism infrastructure.

Music: Big Bang Fuzz

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