Lebanon's Turkish Baths: Hammam Therme Erding - largest thermal 2 days ago   02:17

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Since the 16th century, Turkish bath houses have been popular places to wash and relax in Lebanon. But thirty years ago, the civil war shut most of them down. Sarah Balter explains how the next generation of bath house regulars are keeping the tradition alive.

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Do females have these too? 😯😏
shoaib ahamadmir
Hammams around the World muslim countries have same Type of Structure of Stones or tiles which gets hot underneath because woods been Burnt inside those hollow chambers upon whoch those Relaxing Stones or tiles are laid Especially the place of Bath consists Place for wudu and First people does wudu and stay on the Chamber of bath which is Slightly hot warm and Gives More Relax and confortable during winter seasons..
That is really beautiful and look very relaxing.

How clean and pure our religion and culture is :)
Zain Al Abadeen not Abu Sufyan.lanath
C. Lincoln
Looks like a sausage party. Pass
Ali Erkoç
Europe learned to have bath from Ottomans. Before tht they were using perfumes to avoid bad smells on their bodies
noble jose
Looks like gayhouse 😂😂
Bob Davy
It’s Not Turkish it had been in Mesopotamia thousands year ago
Yusuf patel
Th good clean life without the booze
petra bach
Rakesh kumar thank you
championkila x
Cover your awra men!
petra bach
Have woman got something like it also
Hannibal Ben Barca
It is just like a Roman bath, cleaning and socialising, before major events or on a weekend.

It used to be the common man luxury.
We have a lot of hammams in Algeria Aswell
This is Arab satanic cultural practice and has nothing to do with Islam and the real Islam
Larry Keller
Anyone with some knowledge about this care to explain this culture to me?
Abu Hurairah
that's a bad tradition
Looks a bit gay.
tannacy jack
😂😂 if it was in Europe, it would have been a completely different story!
Djorde Djoka
when i looked at the Thumbnail it literally looked like a satanic sacrifice was going on XD
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Therme Erding - largest thermal Lebanon's Turkish Baths: Hammam 2 days ago   03:29

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