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Did you know that turtles appeared about the same time as dinosaurs? They are very old animals, very beautiful and wise. They make good pets, too! That's why slime Sam and his human friend Sue decided to add more animals to their little family! Welcome, red-eared slider turtles!

To make their new pets comfortable, Sam and Sue are setting up a turtle terrarium. The main part of this terrarium is a large plastic box. First, Sue sets up a water filter. It will clean the water and keep the turtles healthy. Then, Sue adds terrarium ground at the bottom, which is made up of coral pieces and shells, very pretty. Then she pours some water in. Water is what turtles can't live without! She also adds some bright green plants. Turtles need something to climb on, out of the water, so Sue adds a really cool floating island, which is held in place by two magnets. She also arranges a mini waterfall by placing a plant into a special container with lots of holes in it and inserting a plastic tube with running water into it. It looks really nice and helps to clean water, too!

The turtles seemed to enjoy watching the unboxing process, but they also wanted to explore the house! They found some strawberries to eat 2:16, they warmed under a lamp 3:16, they held a staring contest with Sam 4:20, they met Garry the snail 5:31 and Snowy the hamster, too 7:01! But they were happy to finally settle in in the own house 7:14.

Meet other pets in Sam and Sue's house:

Hamie the Hamster

Cookie the Dog

Fluffy the Cat

Garry the Snail

Tater Tots the Rat

This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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Ellen Lovold
For every inch your turtle you should add 10 gallons and based on what your turtles look like they need about 20.5 gallons but they probably don’t even have one
We have two yellow head turtles
Annabel’s World
I have A turtle
Shajalf Khan
I have a small turtle too
Ghanapriya Konsam
I have a mini tortoise cuter than yours
Roxy unicorn Sparkle
THATS SO COOL I WISH I HAD A 🐢. 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢
Jazon M
this is not ok
Maricela Lora
Has a name he name is channing
Maricela Lora
eshkiti gamer
I have a turlte
Renee Cloud
I just got a turtle and I don't treat it like that
El universo de León.
Yo tengo una de esas tortuga 🐢
the turtles are missing

ME : Ah Shit,Here We Go Again.
Oh I didnt k ow YouTube allowed animal abuse but not pot
Sharon Rozenkrantz
Bild a horse home from kard bord with a plastic horse.
I have a friend that found a turtle at a local pond. He took it home and made soup. He's from asia.
Kirstin Reed
Wow this is a joke right?!?! No heat lamp, no uvb lamp, way to shallow for even a baby red ear! Let me quess she is gonna say they'll stay small because their in the tiny container!
Kazzy Master
Missie (my turtle) says thank you
Kyle Anstey
If you want a water pet get a goldfish not something that will suffer from shell rot🐢🐢😕
Kyle Anstey
Do you know red ear slider turtles can get up to 12 inches and thay need a basking spot lamp and a proper 40 gallon tank
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NEW BABY TURTLE TANK! Simple and Cheap Red Eared Turtle 1 day ago   11:52

In this video I put together an aquatic tank for two new baby turtles!

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