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Did you know that turtles appeared about the same time as dinosaurs? They are very old animals, very beautiful and wise. They make good pets, too! That's why slime Sam and his human friend Sue decided to add more animals to their little family! Welcome, red-eared slider turtles!

To make their new pets comfortable, Sam and Sue are setting up a turtle terrarium. The main part of this terrarium is a large plastic box. First, Sue sets up a water filter. It will clean the water and keep the turtles healthy. Then, Sue adds terrarium ground at the bottom, which is made up of coral pieces and shells, very pretty. Then she pours some water in. Water is what turtles can't live without! She also adds some bright green plants. Turtles need something to climb on, out of the water, so Sue adds a really cool floating island, which is held in place by two magnets. She also arranges a mini waterfall by placing a plant into a special container with lots of holes in it and inserting a plastic tube with running water into it. It looks really nice and helps to clean water, too!

The turtles seemed to enjoy watching the unboxing process, but they also wanted to explore the house! They found some strawberries to eat 2:16, they warmed under a lamp 3:16, they held a staring contest with Sam 4:20, they met Garry the snail 5:31 and Snowy the hamster, too 7:01! But they were happy to finally settle in in the own house 7:14.

Meet other pets in Sam and Sue's house:

Hamie the Hamster

Cookie the Dog

Fluffy the Cat

Garry the Snail

Tater Tots the Rat

This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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No animals were harmed in the making of this video.

Our cutie pets are kept in favorable living conditions. Each of them has its own home, tasty food and medical care. And every day we are trying to give them a lot of warmth and care from us.

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Reagan’s Reptiles
no just no
Arnulfo Capili Jr.
Shut up slime
Ryan Stuart
Great job, you taught children how to kill turtles.
Sophie Gharibi
I just got two from my cousins!
They need s u n
And c a l c i u m
Just buy a uvb
John Joseph Villena
I like turtle
Blake Anthony
This is not diy
Zach_likes Paul cuffaro #23
Anyone watching this who is wanting a turtle for a beginner turtle I would recommend a musk turtle and also watch dan the guppy man and turtle girl for info on turtles

Like if ya agree
Esteban Robledo alpizar
Youtube Cop
Hope you're ready to get 150 gallon plus sized tank, with a 300 gallon filter, with a dedicated feeding schedule, a custom basking dock, and preferably an outdoor area/ pond for them to have some room to stretch.
ben dover
I feel bad for those turtles
Nevannie C
I want to add, not just the information is sh*t but also the presentation of it
This video is an insult to the whole existence of life
Kim R
I have fish not Turtles but I do want one
Kim R
I don't have a turtle but I want one
Jack Veneto
Rip for those turtles 👎🏻the need heavy uvb you retad
I have a turtle
Maseeh Faizi
I want a little turtle
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Slime Sam MAKES SCIENCE FUN Simple and Cheap Red Eared Turtle 1 day ago   06:09

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