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The Master sommelier exam was established in 1969, to distinguish and certify the cream of wine professionals — those deigned specialist enough to work in the very finest dining in the world. It has a reputation for being impossible to pass. Becoming certified is so difficult that to date there are fewer than 300 master sommeliers in the world.

On average only about 10 to 12 percent of those who attempt the test actually pass each year. Last year’s results were unprecedented — a record 24 sommeliers passed. But after allegations emerged that someone leaked information about the exam in an email, all 23 those who took the blind tasting last year had their title revoked.

Most aspiring masters fall at the last hurdle — the blind tasting portion of the exam — where they are required to describe and identify the origin, grape, year, and quality of 6 wines — just by tasting them. Training for this exam is renowned for being mentally, emotionally and financially taxing.

But although the byzantine process is costly and all consuming, there is a life-long payoff for passing. Master sommeliers are revered for a combination of their profound arcane knowledge of wine and exceptional palates, and can double their salaries as a result.

Which is why when allegations of cheating emerged last year, the wine world was scandalized. A few weeks after the record pass rate, the board of examiners revealed that someone had leaked information in an email about the blind tasting wines, and the decision was made to revoke the titles of all 23 newly awarded masters.

Among them was Vincent Morrow, and his housemates Andrey and Jeremy. They live together in San Francisco where they are training for a retest.

VICE News spent some time with them in the weeks leading up to the retake.

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Most aspiring masters fall at the last hurdle — the blind tasting portion of the exam — where they are required to describe and identify the origin, grape, year, and quality of 6 wines — just by tasting them.
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jack adams
kind of gay all these guys live together
Johnny Shi
What is the point? If they are only 4/6, does it really matter to avg person?
Artificially inflated valuation on services that are pretenious and useless. Just drink whatever wine you like the best. Or if you arent sure about what to have...just google it.
Fajar Setiawan
Seeing how competitive the world of sommellier is, now I'm looking if there is a manga about it.
James yue
is he allow to wear that pin even though he failed the exam ? oh ya he is American, American can do any shit
Fard Rid
0:26 the toughts you get, when you're getting your freak on, and you girl starts to sweat...
Cole Williams
Cuz last time they had the answers....
Monty Chronik
Step 1: eat your entire body weight in bullshit.

Step 2: rinse and repeat
My man needs to learn how to use a rowing machine properly...
slowjack 789
dudes hairline
Wine snobs are faking it, don't be tricked
Jeremy Holloway
to become a master you have to pass 4 exams. intro, cert, advanced, master.
Matthew Dolly
What a bunch of gimps
kancerogeno pečenje
kako su joj ruzne najkice
I call these types of people wine wankers. The type of person to tell you a wine YOU like the taste of tastes bad and is low quality.
Mintonetteable g
Still cheaper than a 4-year college degree. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Me - Civil Services are the toughest exams.

Wine master - Hold my wine....
plot twist: the blind test is just 6 different kinds of box wine
Gabe Loves Sales
This shit's dope
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