Siege of Sloviansk! NEW Ukrainian Civil The Yamato - Largest battleship in History 7 months ago   18:44

Hair all greased up, skin all blazed up, head all messed up. It's been a long day. Here's part 1 of a series I've wanted to start for a very long time now. The mod is called Donbass Crisis and will be available for download soon! I go through all the relevant information and stuff in the video so enjoy, I'm off to bed! See you tomorrow.

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Doctor Zoidenberg
Good mod, good job! But one note: War in Ukraine is not civil, because significant part of all vehicles/weapons/ammo that have separatists - is mostly soviet weapons, transported from russia, russian troops is also were in Ukraine. So please use term "War in Ukraine".
He-he, Slava Ukraine, boys
>civil war
Пиздёж это не Славянск!
Bn V
Hey. I live in Ukraine, namely in Kharkov, and I am very sad that this is called civil war in the whole world. This is a conflict in the east which occupies less than 10% of the country's area and every day 1-2 soldiers are killed there. We did not want this war and people are dying there, and this mod is dedicated to those people who laid down their heads (for both sides of the conflict) because of geopolitics.
Silversnake Productions
Diplex please continue this series
extremehazmat x
Wait what is the name of the mod he is using?
Jacob Mackinlay
That's crazy can you change where what they do to make different possible outcomes?
Олександр Владов
Very interesting civil war we have - we fight russians, but some random swedish dude keep calling it CIVIL WAR in his videos. I adore your intelectual abilities, Diplex
Unterscharfurer Hans
Plz new modern war , like 4 years ago
Oleksii Maevskyi
There is now CIVIL war in Ukraine but Russian aggression. Military units which take part from terrorist side use the Russian financial, military, units, weapon support as well as the actual Russian military troops there too. Sorry, but there is only one possible way of calling this conflict as the Russian aggression towards Ukraine as an independent democratic European country.
Drunk Koschei
Russia just tries to hold ex-soviet territory under it's control. There are russian instructors and non official militant in the East of Ukraine, russia supports them with firepower and instructors.
Gabe the Dog sibai 75
What I enjoy about this video is the ungodly amount of thigh slapping
Федор Грудин
afez bozkurt
fak yu
afez bozkurt
fuck you
Dark Sun
Dear god man just stop with the histroy crap most of us do not care or give a crap
Eastern George
I wonder what kind of national guard. Azov Battalion?
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The Yamato - Largest battleship in History Siege of Sloviansk! NEW Ukrainian Civil 7 months ago   09:28

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