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Just Like Home Realistic Working Microwave Playset review by Toy Genie Surprises. This realistic working toy Microwave from Just Like Home is so awesome. It really works and makes sounds. This Microwave playset comes with a bunch of food as well including a hamburger, pizza, hot dog and more.

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Jonathan Otero
i love that microwave i love your videos
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I love chiken
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Stephanie Lien
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is it real
Megan gamer
Farisha Farish
bella vlogs
hotdog was my favourite food
Marlaysha childs
👏 👏👏✌🌰🌰🌰
Awesome Video Life
Kk's Happy World
i like the Dinner the best
Maria Carvalho
The pizza is the best for me
I love the popcorn It looks so realistic!
Angel Stammer
Hot chocolate!
Stephanie Mueller
Stephanie Mueller
Sobe Travis
the hot coco
michelle rice
Sohaib Baig
I love hot chocolate
Michelle G. Salinas
I like all
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