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Richard Aguilar
Watch these 4 Very Unique And Innovative Sources of Renewable Energy that You Might have Not Seen Before. These are newest sources of clean energy we should know. This can really help save our planet earth.

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Renewable Energy source #1 The Whirlpool Turbine called “Turbulent Hydro”.

This whirlpool turbine can provide enough electricity to power many homes, providing enough energy 24 hours a day. This kind of technology is created by Belgian company called TURBULENT. This turbine can be installed anywhere in the world where there are rivers or canals or any flowing water in order to generate energy from the flowing water.

Renewable Energy source #2 The Solar Heart Engine
This kind of technology, as a source of renewable energy uses heat exhausted from the factory of Coal Energy and converts it into clean renewable energy, totally creating another source new source of electricity to power homes, etc.

Renewable Energy source #3 The Transparent Solar Panels

The company called Ubiquitous Energy, is the one making the world’s first transparent solar cells, a kind of very unique technology that could totally expand the reach of solar power. This kind of technology uses invisible film that can be placed on any clear surface and generate energy from the sun. It can be used on the windows on buildings, like skyscrapers and basically anything as long as it has clear surface like window glasses to generate sun's energy.

Renewable Energy source #4 The Sunflower Solar Panel (Smartflower)

This kind of technology as a new source of renewable energy is capable of following the direction of the sun because of its dual-axis tracker that makes it totally possible for its center “petals” to follow the sun’s direction wherever it is across the sky throughout the entire day making sure that it gathers enough energy from sunlight all day long to power homes, and devices that need electricity. It is capable of producing 40% more electricity than the standard regular solar panels we used to see in every houses' rooftops.

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thank you rich......it is really inspiring to have watched it and it really empowers me as a science student to strive and pursue a career in this field and to also make a difference in the world where we can all live happily together as one😉😊😊👌👌
Robin Maule
I have a Smart Flower, installed more than two years ago. Neat but lots of problems with the motors. What you spend on the motors and related problems, I feel in my case at least would be better spent on fixed panels, but of course then you need more. I also have fixed panel installation, which has had its problems with the alternators, which have been replaced twice in 10 years. So I know nothing is perfect, but on balance I will buy more fixed panels on my next upgrade. Smart Flower is really cool, and I love it, but the motors are a source of problems.
Anandapower farming ltd
please contact with us to make 100mw solar power plant in bangladesh.with high efficient latest equipment email no,'[email protected]'
Hedgerow INC
Love your videos - you break down the information so they are easily understood. It's nice to find someone sharing content that is so important and with such a worthy subject matter. Thank you
denunci mesmo
Holandês? subtitles are wrong
IThinkWithMy Dick
This channel brings me HUGE hope. Whenever I get depressed by politics, I see what goes on outside the United States & I get enormously uplifted to see all these creative hard-working people.
My YouTube name was chosen as a joke against Google for hijacking YouTube in 2006. I never bothered to change the name.
Francis Lim
Magnet combination with gravity can spin turbines indefinitely and bio technologies like photosynthesis can produce energies,even elevators going up and down can generate power.
The Ultimate Reductionist
Thank you, Richard Aguilar.
Your channel gives me such great hope for the future. It proves young people (millenials) are getting even more hands-on practice than *I* ever got. I am the last of the babyboomers (I was born in the 1960s).
But I STILL want to add my contribution of heavy-duty mathematics.
You remind me that the world is NOT all religious flat-earthers, moonlanding deniers, Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) deniers, antivaxxars, anti-critical thinkers.
Bob Jackson
The clear glass solar panels look good, how is their efficiency compared with standard panels?
Congrats on upgrading the format!! Great Job!!
Gustavo Adolfo
Hablas español Richard?
Simon Jäkle
Whenever those ecologic energy plants provide too much electricity, they can be combined with computing processors that work on worldwide projects, perhaps from the world community grid, from boinc or [email protected] So those projects are calculated in less months
You are doing a great job Richard. Inserting your personality into the videos will definately enhance your brand. also let us know more about you. Perhaps a Wikipedia bio would help
UI Zen
i think the previous format is better
A Reha
morib guy
Hope the world continue to spend more time and resources to develop such technology to help the poorer nations to progress. Thanks for the presentation!
Cicero Araujo
Richard u r an amazing person
01djole Ђорђевић
Bravo! Everything you doing is remarkable. Keep on doing this because the dark west do not want this. They want illiterate world to rule with. You igniting a fire of hope in science and the future of all people. You unhide what they hide. You connecting what they unconnect. You show the way the world can be better.
Daniel Scheinhaus
I hope to get in touch with the Smart Flower Co. I'd like an efficacy study for my property.
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