Samsung Cloud Backup & Restore Samsung Galaxy S8: How to Retrieve Phone 5 months ago   19:20

Tech With Brett
Samsung Cloud keeps your phones information all backed up for free! You never know when your phone might break or have issues so make sure you backup is set. If you run out of online storage you can purchase more memory if needed. Samsung Cloud lets you backup: Contacts, Calendar, Home Screen, Text Messages, Settings, Gallery, Phone, Clock, Apps, Music, Voice Recorder, Documents.

Backup 01:27
Restore 12:11

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Tech With Brett
Don't be that guy that doesn't have their stuff backed up. You only need to set your Samsung Cloud backup once for each phone and you are free from worry. Let me know if you have any questions!
Hope Wins
Hi Brett. Does the backup solution provide to restore Google Authenticator so I can use 2FA without interruption if my old Smartphone is gone forever? If not could you please describe how to fail-safe backup Google Authenticator so you don't have to go through the whole process of proofing your ID and contact Support etc. and most important not to lose an 2FA access forever. Kind Regards, HW
Вадим Шашурин
Посмотрите мою версию
Naveed ur Rehman
also i not backed up my acount
Naveed ur Rehman
Hi ...i enterd an option delete all from my cloud which destroyed all my cloud data as well as to recover now
does it save your passwords
Bruna Rodrigues
I need to acess samsung cloud in my PC, how can I do it?
Carina Sebastian
I just moved my picture to my sd card but before i moved the pictures it all backed up because my auto sync was on. But then when im done moving the pictures it all dissapeared. I cant find it in my sd card and internal. Can samsung cloud do something with it??
باسمباسم الساعدي
Andres Tapia Escandon
Hello , I'm new to Samsung, great phone ! If I sync photos am I able to delete it after to save memory on my phone ?
Subscribed ! Amazing videos 👌
Dude just get to the point
Rahul Sing h
Rahul Sing h
Ruba Kayal
i have problem i make format to me note 8 and by accedient i make anew back instate of restore the old backup so the old date gone .. how i can restore the old backup
احمد العلياوي
كلشي ما فتهمت😂😂
Anna Janka
I've bought a Samsung Note 9, and used Smartswitch to transfer everything to it from the S9 plus. And I am using now only the Note 9 and so I have my sim in that phone. And no sim in the S9 plus. I tried deleting photos in the S9 plus and it won't do it. I can delete contacts, but not photos in the gallery. When I try, it says that it will also deleted in other synced devices and on the cloud. But I just want to delete it from that phone. How???
The Full Shilling
Comment 101.
Rarely Done.
Great vid Brett. I got my Note 8 today and will consult your channels for setting it up. May even keep the phone : - ) Thank you!
Catman yt
Dose it work for Grand prime
kiing Mccoy
I got a question please help ok,so I replaced my s8 with the s9 and I had media in secure folder on my s8 that I didnt upload to cloud is it possible to get it back on my s9 what I had in the secure folder ?
top gun
19 minutes to explain this ? too long !
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Samsung Galaxy S8: How to Retrieve Phone Samsung Cloud Backup & Restore 5 months ago   02:33

Learn how you can retrieve phone call logs and text messages remotely on the Samsung Galaxy S8.


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