Khalid - Bad Luck (Audio) Alessia Cara - Out Of Love 2 days ago   03:51

Free Spirit’ out now!

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Rajesh Zayn
For a moment I thought Zayn Malik was featured 😎
Banana Boat
Lipta feat. The toy
Eve T
Every song he releases I can't understand why I'm so drawn to it #Khalid #Dope
Feya Ahmad
I just really love Khalid so much right now❤️
marnikovic_ 1
khalid = perfection
Summer is almost here. The free spirit; can you feel it coming?
Hasan Alfalluji
Khalid shouldve stuck to that high school graduate vibe
King Nochi
Khalid is the best thing happening to the music industry in a while.
Alexander Khan
My life is in lyrics 😔
Treshan Archary
yee haw
I’m going to see Khalid in september and I cry every night because i’m so excited, and I don’t cry 😛😛
Another windows down long drive song 🙌
Alyah Mohabir
fav song rn 🔥💯bro you're making some really good songs this year 🔥💯
Vitória Darling
K h a l i d
Dana Cruickshank
I've been having alot of badluck
Thiago Nunes
Obrigado YouTube por me recomendar essa música
Meta Duarsa
oh i am really in love with Bad Luck from khalid right now, how do u know
Roony Early
Khalid u enlighten my day wheneva I listen 2 ur music lol khalid
Hermiadi Eher
Enak euy lagunya 😄👍
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Alessia Cara - Out Of Love Khalid - Bad Luck (Audio) 2 days ago   03:47

💔 out of love video out now 💔
#alessiacara #outoflove

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(verse 1)
I won’t tell you I’m lonely
‘cause it may be selfish
I won’t ask you to hold me
‘cause that won’t mend what’s helpless

there’s not a thing
I could say
not a song I could sing
for your mind to change
nothing can fill up the space
won’t ask you to stay
but let me ask you one thing

oh, oh, oh when did you fall out of love?
out of love
oh, oh, oh when did you fall out of love
with me?

(verse 2)
I can’t float in an ocean
that’s already been drained
I won’t cry at your feet now
I know my tears will fall in vain

(pre-chorus) x2

no use wondering
why your changing heart has wandered
so I’ll ask you this question
‘cause it might help me sleep longer

(chorus) x2

out of love, out of love, out of love
with me

Music video by Alessia Cara performing Out Of Love. © 2019 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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