Why are Tennis balls Yellow and Fuzzy? Why are Eggs Egg-shaped? | #aumsum 2 days ago   05:07

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Earlier, tennis balls were white. But later, they were changed to yellow because studies showed that yellow balls were easier to see on televisions.

Now, tennis balls are fuzzy because the fuzz helps them slow down. When a tennis ball moves through air, every fibre of the fuzz acts like an obstacle for air. This increases the drag, thus slowing it down.
Besides this, the fuzz also increases the spin.

Imagine a ball spinning in clockwise direction. Now, above the ball, the direction of air is same as the direction of rotation. However, below the ball, it is opposite. This opposing force combined with the fuzz increase the drag below the ball. Hence, the pressure below becomes much higher than it is above. This pressure difference imparts a lift, thus increasing the spin.

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Tennis balls are yellow because Batman’s favourite colour is yellow!
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Why are Eggs Egg-shaped? | #aumsum Why are Tennis balls Yellow and Fuzzy? 2 days ago   06:22

Scientists hypothesize that since the tapered end provides more surface area for the muscles to act on, it helps birds to squeeze the egg out easily.

This asymmetric shape also allows the eggs to fit tightly together, keeping them warm.

Also, if the egg is nudged, it will roll in a circle and probably stay in the nest. A spherical egg would roll straight and fall off.

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