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Critical Role
Joined by a new, lawful ally, the Mighty Nein delve deeper into the disks of Uthodurn in their search for mithral and the whereabouts of a white dragon... (guest starring Mica Burton!)

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Flando Maltrizian
HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing
1:30 The fate of the bi-presidency
7:45 Worth it
9:35 Intro cinematic
11:10 Episode Starts
13:00 Recap Ends (Mica Burton)
13:40 Mica came to play
15:20 Reani
17:45 Ashamed…of
19:35 Cupcake insight
21:30 Too perfect
23:05 Way too perfect
25:10 Everyone misses the fly
25:25 Owning a house? Too much of a fantasy
27:40 Reani’s house and backstory
29:15 ADD bomb
33:15 Fjord is pretty
35:55 Milk insight
41:40 Caduceus was an assassin the whole time
44:40 Jester is Banksy
47:00 Ava
49:30 Kobold check
51:30 She does not like Nott
53:05 Debating morals
55:40 The ultimate haberdashery
56:55 At least she takes a moral stance, maybe not the best one
1:06:55 Familiar crystals
1:12:55 Freezing mithral piece by piece
1:15:50 Ska is too much for Taliesin
1:18:30 Marisha strikes again
1:20:15 Chime
1:23:25 Annoying a librarian
1:25:20 Reani is a superhero
1:27:20 Taliesin makes me nostalgic for The Wednesday Club
1:30:00 Jester doesn’t get to read about weasels
1:34:20 Archivist Demid Sunlash
1:41:20 Dungeons and Denny’s
1:43:35 Lore dump
1:58:30 Modern literature
2:01:05 The distractions
2:06:20 Break Starts
2:19:20 Art Montage
2:31:50 Break Ends
2:42:50 The fly meets its match
2:48:20 Nott invents the hot air balloon, canon
2:52:50 Reani and Fenn
3:01:00 Put your faith in Samriegal
3:04:50 Good cop, asshole cop
3:13:15 Aggressive negotiations
3:16:00 The otters
3:17:55 Otters are so cute
3:19:20 Awesome
3:25:45 Messaging Essik
3:32:25 Awwwditors
3:37:15 Caleb is still banned
3:40:10 Messaging Yeza
3:46:45 Hey Essik
3:50:10 Tree names
3:54:00 Silence the tree
4:00:40 Essik eats a cupcake
4:10:10 Episode Ends
The in-game start date for the episode was the 20th of Misuthar 836. Sam’s flask says, “Creepy and a crime” Next to a picture of Brian in his Gencon outfit.
Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?
I love Travis, but I hate British Fjord :(
I love Liam/Caleb’s smile when he is told he can keep the book.
Can't wait for Reani's appearance in Brent Weeks' upcoming novel, The Burning White! Not sure how I feel about the Lightbringer being revealed as a brand new character though, since this is the conclusion to the series :/
Justin O.
*Kills a mosquito on live television*

"PETA would like to know your location"
Karl Karsnark
boring, cringey and catty. Aside from Laura, none of them seem really comfortable with these "rebound" characters (see: Fjord's ever changing accent). A TPK may be for the best and allow them to all pick new characters without any post-VM baggage whatsoever.
the Urban tumbleweed
so, is there a character that the mighty nein has interacted with who ISN'T gay? or is exandria simply inverse proportion to our own earthly material plane?
Cholula Hot Sauce
I mean, I hope that Reani’s moral inflexibility is just a starting point for her character’s evolution, but as it stands I think she’s a poor fit for the Nein. Mica herself is a delight.
Kattryna Maxxwel
Am I the only one who doesn't know who the piss Mica Burton is..? -_-;
cortland davidson
So fjord the pally?
Valerio Coppola
3:18:27 we feel you Matt, we feel you...
Did you just assume... that all elves know about magic... Hmph...
- Fenn
Robert Adams
Fjord is still labeled as a warlock. I think there should be a question mark next to it.
Michael Lawrence
Thats LeVar Burton’s daughter! Thats so rad!
Michael Lawrence
Thats LeVar Burton’s daughter! Thats so rad!
Dr. PapaSatan
After about 10 months of watching here i am. All of campaign 1 and 2 caught up.
Can someone explain why reani doesn’t have tree stride?
Caradoc g
Fjord is going trans-atlantic right now. Travis is going to have gone Texan again by the end of the campaign 😂
*Born as a half celestial/angel*
*Randomly met some Fey that "just gave her some awesome powers" without reason*
*Has angel guide helping her*
*Talks about killing and defeating evil people and monsters like it's no biggie the whole time aka presents that that is how it is*
*Talks about clearing Dungeons and finding Magical Artifacts again like it is no big Deal*

I am only 1 hour in but I have read the reddit comments about this episode.

Pointing at what I have written here, I like to adress the people stating thing along the following lines on reddit:
"People that say Reani is a MARY SUE are stupid and probably also sexist and racist!!111!!!1!!!!"

I point once more to the top of my comment and woudl like to ask those people......ARE YOU FUCKING RETARDED?!

I don't know how much character Micah hidden deeper within REANI but for as far as we know her and how Micah roleplayed Reiane one of the fucking biggest Mary Sues I have seen in a long time.
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Former CIA Chief of Disguise Breaks Manifold Morals | Critical Role 2 days ago   27:54

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