FOUND MY DREAM CAR IN THE JUNKYARD! Hurricane Irma - Aftermath in Central 2 days ago   45:06

Adam LZ
We finally did it! Words can't explain how huge of a moment this is for me and I'm unbelievably stoked to share it with all of you. Couldn't do any of this without all of your support - here's to another great year!
LKQ Orlando -
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Adam LZ
Regarding some of the comments I've been seeing.....

Totally get how if you haven't seen any of my videos before this can come across as a bit rude - I have a terrible sense of humor and maybe pushed it a bit too far... HOWEVER, the sales guy and I were very cool. He literally started the jokes when we were talking about the wing - saying the old cliche about how its a table for eating food etc. I didn't include some of his jokes to do him a solid because they were corny, but in retrospect I should have seeing how it looks like I'm just messing with him the whole time. Since no one will probably even believe me about this I'm going to shoot him a message so I can screen shot him explaining this a put it on social media.

I don't care about the finger prints. It was just a joke, then watching the video while editing I thought it was funny to put a counter on. People that watch my videos know that I don't care about this stuff... Especially the jokes about the car not having mechanical seats or push to start.... I literally drive around bare bones drift cars every day - I'm just doing a terrible job at making dad-jokes literally trying to make-fun of the snobs that buy race cars and whine about features. This car is getting beat on a track..... Sub if you want to see that instead of the typical BS videos people make with their exotic cars at car shows and other lame stuff. LOL!
Cody Rewis
porche place is an hour and 30 mins from my house
Naekwondo gaming
I was going to say what is that car doing in the junkyard
Thijs Waalders
wtf would an alien think when seeing this video
johny z
really complaining about the electric seats? why did you not get a turbo? RS is all about lightweight those seats are more than half the weight the regular ones with all amenities
Everyone go to 39:35 he's not being a bragging idiot or a arrogant person or ignorant, stop assuming shit and watch the video assholes.
Ron Mexico
Jared Gines
You played me! 😭😭😭😭
Refuz Tosay
What an arrogant punk. Unless he is smart enough to ask the obsessed garage guy for investing advice and follow through he’ll be broke in 5 Years. A low IQ entertainer who stumbled upon a fad and got lucky. No hard work or contribution to industry - just a flash in the pan...blowing all his cash on stupid shit like a car he doesn’t even know the features of or can utilize. Also this is an example of white privilege. How many poor black people could have been helped with all the money spent on this extravagant car? If he was black YouTube would have never given him all the advertising money. When he says “average person” he means all of the low life’s like us.
Ahmad Almajid
Money changes people.. what an asshole
I find it hilarious. And you handled all the disappointments pretty well rather than get angry and berate this guy like he deserved. You obviously know more about this car than he does. He lost my respect at the tow/camber comment, not knowing what a coilover is... Then being told about the fingerprints by someone else multiple times and blowing them off every time and not giving af about the customer. This isn't a Hyundai Sonata, guy. Im buying this. Overall, awesome experience buying a car. But JFC dude sorry about having to get your car from this dud.
Omar Scott
You earned it theirs nothing wrong with treating yourself with money you earned
day 2 day
That stash looks like a 13 yr old trying to grow his first.
I love the finger print counter!!!
Jonathan Eckstein
the so called attitude people are talking comes off as though he and the guy are friends though...
Jonathan Galloway
Heath to enjoy Adam, you have literally just picked up my dream car and whilst the guy was explaining you all of the cars functions I slipped into a day dream thinking it was me that had just took delivery of your car 😂!!
My day will come, you only live once and I understand the anxiety you must have had purchasing such a valuable car but its done now and it's time for you to get out on the road and enjoy it!! 👍 👌 ✌️🤜
Showing love from Belfast 🇬🇧 Northern Ireland 🇺🇸 🇩🇪
TheOne TheOnly
So much negativity....
Andre Lyssenkoff
What happened with Nicole vid ?
You are a prick.
Seth Corbett
Get a 458
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Hurricane Irma - Aftermath in Central FOUND MY DREAM CAR IN THE JUNKYARD! 2 days ago   11:59

Footage from during the storm and after. We definitely lucked out as it could have been MUCH worse - but others were not so fortunate. Hoping everyone stayed safe through the storm!

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