FOUND MY DREAM CAR IN THE JUNKYARD! Mountain Street Drifting - Near 1 day ago   45:06

Adam LZ
We finally did it! Words can't explain how huge of a moment this is for me and I'm unbelievably stoked to share it with all of you. Couldn't do any of this without all of your support - here's to another great year!
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Adam LZ
Regarding some of the comments I've been seeing.....

Totally get how if you haven't seen any of my videos before this can come across as a bit rude - I have a terrible sense of humor and maybe pushed it a bit too far... HOWEVER, the sales guy and I were very cool. He literally started the jokes when we were talking about the wing - saying the old cliche about how its a table for eating food etc. I didn't include some of his jokes to do him a solid because they were corny, but in retrospect I should have seeing how it looks like I'm just messing with him the whole time. Since no one will probably even believe me about this I'm going to shoot him a message so I can screen shot him explaining this a put it on social media.

I don't care about the finger prints. It was just a joke, then watching the video while editing I thought it was funny to put a counter on. People that watch my videos know that I don't care about this stuff... Especially the jokes about the car not having mechanical seats or push to start.... I literally drive around bare bones drift cars every day - I'm just doing a terrible job at making dad-jokes literally trying to make-fun of the snobs that buy race cars and whine about features. This car is getting beat on a track..... Sub if you want to see that instead of the typical BS videos people make with their exotic cars at car shows and other lame stuff. LOL!
Griffin Plush and vlogs
Griffin Plush and vlogs
Tanner fox has one
Akeno Dunn
No think not a pretentious guy he's cool jus being clean dats how i am
Akeno Dunn
Lol findley that cruel
Akeno Dunn
Yea im a new subscriber bro thanks thats ok tho
Akeno Dunn
Am so excited bro for you i wish i was me
Akeno Dunn
Yoe adam a jealous man caz i know u baught it so cheap omg from da junk yard omfg yo send it to as present lease bro omg
Drew A
Well I’m glad I watched till the end... I have watched plenty of your videos and know you were trying to be funny, but you were coming across super full of yourself. The last several minutes in your garage came across much more real and saved me from unsubscribing... Keep it real.
Brooke amazing Cosgrove
You and tanner fox are matching he has the same car to
James Kirkby
That's the one thing that sucks about Texas is front license plates.  I get pulled over all the time.
David Hernandez
Looks like your name can be Earl or Bill with that mustache not Adam😂
Ernest Muric
The word for how you were treating that salesman is called "LEVELING". And that fake back tracking apology just shows your fear of losing your good fans which in turn means loss of revenue. That's why you thought the back tracking was a good idea. No ,what you actually did was show everyone that having the scratch to afford that porsche, also gave your ego the right to disrespect that salesman. What you reminded me of ,was a young justin bieber.Hopefully you really did see your cuntish ego getting the better of you.Goodluck in your future endeavors ,minus the leveling.
Famer 7
This guy is a fucking bell end.
Ahmad al-mushasha
Fix ur fucking attitude
Travis Dinunzio
That’s my dream car
Jacob McCue
During the first start up I had subtitles on and it subtitled the first start up as [music]. YouTube calling things right.
Dinolen Munsamy
The face at 12:00 lmao
Gary Emery
I love Adam but I feel like hes buying new cars and stuff to try and fill a void in his heart that was created. Maybe that's why buying this new Porsche didnt get home super excited? Idk maybe not. But I feel like a year or two ago he would have been so stoked to pick up this car. :/
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Mountain Street Drifting - Near FOUND MY DREAM CAR IN THE JUNKYARD! 1 day ago   16:32

When you're sending it as hard as our friend Choppa, stuff like this happens. Thankful he's still here and no one was in that passenger seat. Send him some good vibes to re-shell and get back out there soon! @chopshop07
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