[+18] War is Hell- War in Ukraine Ilovaisk Massacre: 1000 Encircled 1 day ago   12:33

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Lemon Nation
was that guy said "His facking Wonded" a ukrainian or russian? or other nationality?
saladin صلاح الدين الأيوبي
There is a mission to destroy humanity by war . Drug . Poorness . Horrible lifestyle . Anything necessary ..
Good job zionist NWO almost completed
No Wallet
12:21 executed Ukrainian soldiers.
No Wallet
1:10 I have a feeling this man is dead.
Matthew Smith
I was thinking, if there government army is willing to kill there people, makes me wonder if the us will do the same.
Wladimir Alejandro Cordero Alcaman
Fuck Russia fuck Taliban
Sounti Lee
Jarod Smith
Why do people put music in videos like this? It's so obnoxious and unnecessary. Also, combat footage is actually much more intense and immersive without the goddamn music.
Lilek 888
slava Ukraini!
give em hell donbass. ебать тебе Київ, love america.
Ssndra Walsh
No more brother wars. Down with the Reds
I love Potato
War is peace
Kellerwärter nahui
Russian and ukranians aint no brothers because russians dont kill ukranians if they are ,,Brothers"
Andrej Zaruba
I love Ukraine. Russia - sucks!
A normal channel im clear
Ukraine is country they haves war everytime.
We need support Ukraine!!!
Oh jeah this is how we get rid of the overpopulatio.... Ww3 ooooooh jeah!
Стась Дмухоўскі
Сдохните твари, жывотные, оккупанты грёбанные и их пособники сепары и земля вам пусть будет железобетоном-стекловатой!
Fucking Putin and his government.
Bleeding Snow
Should have shown the Odessa Massacre ~
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Ilovaisk Massacre: 1000 Encircled [+18] War is Hell- War in Ukraine 1 day ago   15:01

Up to 1000 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in the battle of Ilovaisk (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Ilovaisk).
Most of them were murdered on August 29th 2014, in the "humanitarian" corridor from Ilovaisk encircled by Russian troops.
The column of 60 vehicles led by truck carrying dead and wounded soldiers flying a white flag was destroyed with mortars, heavy machine guns and tanks entrenched in fields. It was a pure massacre, organized by about 3500 Russian troops and 500 Russia-backed terrorists.

5 days earlier, on August 24, Ukraine’s Independence Day, up to 4000 Russian troops crossed Ukrainian border and encircled Ilovaisk – an important transport hub, which allowed free influx of weapons from Russia to the major city of Donetsk occupied by Russia-backed terrorists.
Some Russian soldiers who crossed Ukrainian border were captured and later exchanged for Ukrainian soldiers captured in Ilovaisk. See videos of their interrogation here:
1) https://ufl.ae/videow/4JJkH1o-Ky4
2) https://ufl.ae/videow/fG75Hb23fOs
3) https://ufl.ae/videow/cI_tqnL3uYU

In the column of Ukrainian soldiers leaving encircled Ilovaisk there was a dozen of wounded and captured Russian soldiers. The shocking part is that Russian artillery destroyed this column together with the captured Russian soldiers.

Ilovaisk tragedy became the turning point in the counter-terrorist operation in eastern Ukraine – it showed that Russia began full-scale invasion of Ukraine and that the counter-terrorist operation has transformed into war with Russia.
Inability to resist Russian army which is 8 times bigger than Ukrainian armed forces, forced Ukrainian government to sign Minsk ceasefire agreements.


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