[+18] War is Hell- War in Ukraine Nick Downie - Rhodesian Bush 2 days ago   12:33

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Novorossiya is nothing but a political project by Russia.
Spasquicky modt
Slava ukraina
Сан Рио
Героям слава
iranian soldjer
Fack russia. 💩In the world😏
Partisan Black
This is the new "Cuban Missile Crisis" where the US wants to put missiles next door to Russia.
Artjoms Pugacovs
What remix is this? Cut out the music, retard.
The Truth 10 USC 311
Long as there is govt, there will be war!
God bless you
world never change
Poliisi sete 666 *12 vuotta sitten
This is real war
Lemon Nation
was that guy said "His facking Wonded" a ukrainian or russian? or other nationality?
saladin صلاح الدين الأيوبي
There is a mission to destroy humanity by war . Drug . Poorness . Horrible lifestyle . Anything necessary ..
Good job zionist NWO almost completed
No Wallet
12:21 executed Ukrainian soldiers.
No Wallet
1:10 I have a feeling this man is dead.
Matthew Smith
I was thinking, if there government army is willing to kill there people, makes me wonder if the us will do the same.
Wladimir Alejandro Cordero Alcaman
Fuck Russia fuck Taliban
Sounti Lee
Jarod Smith
Why do people put music in videos like this? It's so obnoxious and unnecessary. Also, combat footage is actually much more intense and immersive without the goddamn music.
Lilek 888
slava Ukraini!
give em hell donbass. ебать тебе Київ, love america.
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Nick Downie - Rhodesian Bush [+18] War is Hell- War in Ukraine 2 days ago   07:36

Nick Downie's award winning combat footage from the 1970's Rhodesian Bush War during UDI.

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