How this border transformed a subcontinent Why Colombia is losing the cocaine war 1 day ago   17:21

The story of how a hastily-drawn line divided one people into two.
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The video conferencing session between the two schools was conducted between students of Gyan Mandir Public School (Delhi, India) and Adamjee Model School (Karachi, Pakistan). The session was coordinated by Ms Anju Anand and Ms Devika Mittal from Indian side and Mr Usama Palla and Ms Suraya Islam from Pakistan. We're grateful they let us drop by!

The British tasked Cyril Radcliffe with the job of drawing a line to separate Punjab and Bengal provinces from India into East and West Pakistan. Muslims and Hindus weren’t the only ones being separated from each other. Sikhs and people from other faiths were affected as well.

A Sikh pilgrimage was divided because of the new border, Punjabi people of all faiths were separated from each other, and a culture was ultimately divided.

This Vox Borders episode looks at how the Radcliffe line changed Punjab and how communities are affected now.

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Johnny Harris
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Anuj porwal
C get n n ky
Saranya Alagesh
This video makes me from India to my pakistani & Bangladesh brothers and sisters..❤❤
Sounds of Heart
1. Pakistan leader imran khan always support peace and sent many request for peace and development.
2. Kartarpur corridor 99%pakistan and 1% navjoitsingh sidhu and india govt played 0% role about this i must say congratulations to india sikh community those changed their govt behavior.
And finally they talked about this .
I am not talking about past but now any one should not compare modi leader with imran khan.
Dark Sekki
But when people realise that there were part of the same country a century ago
shreedhar s
Reason for haterd is not because of leaders. But Islam on which Pakistan is formed..
haider rabbani
it was drawn to cause conflict and hold both countries back
ahsan panhwar
Division was because of communial riots in United India which is continue till today also,recently they killed innocent Muslim tabreez ansari.extremely sad
Basant Kumar
It's not true for new india Vox needs to update them selves.
Atri Sanfui
Just think how strong a cricket team we could have been. Imran, Waqar, Wasim, Tendulkar, Dravid all playing for the same side!
krishna ghop
Even after partition Indian had more muslim than pakistan in 1947 even now we have more muslim than any other countries. With partion as a never healing wound
Syed Muhammad Saim
Well its very recent video m you shouldve included that Pakistan is opening its borders for Sikh brother to visit their holy temple at kartarpur. things from our side have changed politically, But im not pointing fingers at you as you filmed this through indian side mostly.
Rahul Gill
I believe it’s just a line of border but we all are one. Nehru, Ghandhi & many more political people did wrong for our present and future too.
siva prasad
editing and bgm has done the magic in this video. awesome video👍
johney you show storey of one side please came pakistan see what pakistani people want independace and creat line this show one side of storey
Dwipayan Das
Lovely docu, very beutifully pictures our two great nations. two brothers from same mother divided by foulplay of beneficiaries
Shery Khan
British divided nations
Bangal into two parts
Sindh into many parts
Kashmir into two parts Punjab into two parts
Shery Khan
It's fault of British that subcontinent was divided into many parts
Etisam Ahmad
This video is little toward india , why , i notice
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Why Colombia is losing the cocaine war How this border transformed a subcontinent 1 day ago   11:00

There’s a reason why Colombia can’t beat cocaine.
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Colombia is the world’s largest producer of cocaine and the US is the largest consumer of the drug. Cocaine comes from the leaf of the coca plant which is harvested and processed in Colombia. Despite the Colombian government’s effort to eradicate the plant, coca cultivation is at an all time high. In this episode we go deep into the cocaine economy and discover why this problem is so hard to solve.

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