Just how orderly are the Germans? | Meet Tom Hanks Does An Amazing British 2 days ago   03:18

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There must be order – or so goes the German saying. Rachel Stewart takes a look at the German love affair with rules, organization and order.

Rachel is on a mission to investigate the quirks and idiosyncrasies of daily life in Germany. Every two weeks she explores a new topic - from beer to nudity to complicated grammar - and heads out to get some tips from the Germans themselves.

Rachel moved from the UK to Germany in 2016. As a relative newcomer she casts a fresh eye over German clichés and shares her experiences of settling into German life. You'll find more from Meet the Germans on YouTube or at dw.com/MeettheGermans.
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Rif Gaming
man, how ya'll live with so much discipline. please advise
Eagleeye Jones
"Ordnung muss sein?"
"Weil das sein muss."

German argumentation at its finest!
Olaf Bellefroid
Der alte Depp, der "Ordnung muss sein" mit "weil das sein muss" begründet, wählt bestimmt rechts, wie die meisten Deutschen.
I think I'm in love with Rachel Stewart. How did that happen?
mohnish vishal
Jeez that woman looks like man
Bring some serbian imigrants to power in gemrany, they can show you how to run a country with no orde, in 20 years you going to be broke lol
Emma Darling
i'm from berlin so i might have a different point of view than many other germans, but honestly, the english are much more orderly than we are
You're always a laugh to listen to.
Mir fällt jetzt erst auf wie ordentlich wir sind. Selbst wenn wir ne Party machen, heißt es schon am Anfang wer räumt später auf :DD
My dad is so German that he wipes up the water drops out of the sink after using it
Ralph Mothes
Aber die Briten haben auch jemanden, der öfter für Ordnung sorgen muss: "ORDER! ORDER!" (John Bercow im Britischen Unterhaus) :-)
Patrick Vernon
Thor, the God of thunder.. to keep order in the realm :)
Aravind C
remember stalingrad...,, full of order
Skalargrimm Olafsson
Love your videos
Bobby Day
A German deli counter has so much "Ordnung" that you have to be aggressive to get served. There is no taking turns or forming a line.
kcelestinomaria kcelestinomaria
I don't know if it's only me, but personally I think Germans are one of the smartest people
hardeep singh sandal
Love Germans
00:39 feminist in action
Mostly true with one - VERY BIG EXCEPTiON: GERMANS DO NOT KNOW HOW TO QUEUE ! They are not organized to wait in lines They will cut in front of you at any opportunity.
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Tom Hanks Does An Amazing British Just how orderly are the Germans? | Meet 2 days ago   04:30

Happy birthday Tom Hanks!

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