The Princess Diaries 2: A Royal Pain The Purge is a mess (just like 2 days ago   29:39

Dylan Is In Trouble
still wondering if that man herded his sheep or not


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Maybe if you had your ears pierced julie would notice you
I hate these two movies so much, they totally ruined the original plot. This one is not based on the books anymore, but the first one is and they changed so many things, the plot and the characters and everything. The queen is supposed to be an old, angry fat lady drinking alcohol all the time and taking her fat dog everywhere, Mia's father is not dead and she's been meeting her grandma and father all her life. The Queen, Michael, Lilly, Joe, her father, mother and her husband, they are all so different in the books. It's just terrible.
5:01 wait what's with the Byzantine paintings? Is someone in the royal family Greek? Is someone in the family an Eastern Orthodox Christian?
Ryan Fairchild
"Yes KILL HIM!!" got a tad of blood lust don't you? lol
Baylee Bubble
Ever since this movie I wanted a closet that nice
Rebecca Gibbs
i love how angry you were at the moose joke LOL
You sound a bit like Joel Kinnaman
Julie Andrews:
Dylan: Oh, Julie .... Oh you bad bad girl
Lexi Xamira
you're welcome.
Yo, watch Ella Enchanted!
Presley Saenz
can u do disaster movie or alien movie too? all ur videos i watched from u are chick flicks.. please do independence day and 10 cloverfield lane..please dude..i will not say ur cute like other girl, i dont really give a shit, i will say ur annoyingly hilarious n want to see more of ur stupid judgemental remarks n dirty jokes when u doing this movie commentary monday, just make me feel like punching ur face, at least i get to see someone i hate but enjoy watching, that means a lot to me man
Yolie Martinez
7:28 brah can you imagine hanging from your toes? your toes would probably be ripped off from holding the weight of your entire body and from the rope that is tied around them tightening.
Jenna Wallace
Okay this is funny but half of the things he's complaining about are explained in the 1st movie which he would know if he ever shut up and actually paid attention...just a thought. I get that it's his reactions and commentary but God hes so frustrating
Reaction of a goat to a kiss🤣🤣🤣🤣
Samantha Dalton
I know you don't want recommendations, but can you watch the gift or arrival?! I really want you to watch something where I will actually be impressed if you can guess what is going to happen haha
Gabrielle vH
Bet you didn't know that little orphan girl she grabs out the crowd and walks around with is Abigail Breslin :P
Mango Is a Fruit
Why did the goat moo?
Nia Sattaur
soooooooooooooo Dylan

In the ancient times, they use to hang people upside down and then after a while, they cut straight down the body, till the person starts to bleed as a punishment.
euphoric parker
This was posted on my birthday and I'm happy because I died laughing. When the third one comes out you NEED to react to it
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The Purge is a mess (just like The Princess Diaries 2: A Royal Pain 2 days ago   27:33

can't wait to see who claims the Iron Throne


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