Fourwheeler on REAPER WHEELS literally 2018 EPIC ATV/QUAD MOMENTS 1 day ago   10:55

WORTH THE WATCH. YES!!!!! Absolutely ridiculous machine to drive. Imagine never losing traction ever. Instead you just till the dirt below you. PART 2 COMING TOMORROW. #GOODCONTENTGANG

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Brenon Bertrand
We can all come to the agreement that this guy is the one YouTuber you can't catch click baiting
Vernon Gingerich
Rich kids ruining vehicles
Vernon Gingerich
That's a Honda fourtrax
I hope he doesn't have any guns.
Digdug Donkey
Hey. Fuck you for scaring your dog like that. Lol
Donald Tate
Audience what a great ideal for a irrigator/tiller/mole killer...Yikes lol
J pc
These guys are total morons. I'd bang their dirty whore moms
Fredrik Junvik
Är det där bensin isåfall är du dum i huvet
What a fuckin pair of idiots!!!!!!
MuayThai Warrior
Crazy motherfuckers 😂🤣 how can i not subscribe!!!
Jason Coleman
One day all your hate comments are going to catch up to you. This is a year or two from now, when your YouTube channel is dried up and forgotten, your once hot girlfriend is fat, you're an alcoholic, your kids that "might be yours" disrespect you and you haven't seen your dick for years. Maybe then will you realize how much of a useless fucktard you are.
God Omni Goku
what the hell did he drink
George Cleveland
I'ma subscribe you because I like dangerous shitt
Chris Ellenwood
The sad thing is I’ve been saving up for so long for a trustworthy quad and it’s taken so long then there’s these guys who give no damn and it just annoys me so much
Derro Farm
Looks safe!,leg guards? NFG.
Derro Farm
Nice dog👍
Cripple guy
Great for running over protesters blocking the road .
Lily Hughes
o my gosh ,Ok
david pena
the next mass shooter right here
Eliaz Duron
Why did he pour gas on him self sooooooooo dumb
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2018 EPIC ATV/QUAD MOMENTS Fourwheeler on REAPER WHEELS literally 1 day ago   11:47

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