This Is My New LED Apartment... (Tour) My First #ASKCOLBY | Spicy Q and A 1 day ago   15:28

Sam Golbach
Today Sam Golbach shows his new apartment and turns the entire new place LED lights and colored lights

join the family (only if you're cool though):

Thanks Jake for helping me film!

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Sam Golbach
Things are going to change... but for the better! Comment what we wanna see me do next! "Dear Sam...." ;)
sis you good?!
Imagine _a shadow past by_
Rori Windham
They all look so drunk and high😂
Kassidy Reeves
Dear Sam.. I don’t kown why I am going this but....CAN I HIVE A FRIEND IN LIFE LIKE come on you have so many friends and I am like I wish I hade friends.
Lily Hogarth
Watches non scary video when it's at 666k views
Felicia Ebert
I kinda love how it is at 666k views rn 3/21/19
Haven Harper
Dear Sam
I'm sad you don't even live with colby😞
hollie bobz1999
Dear Sam could u do a jelly bath thingy 😂pleasee
Nicole Van Valkenburg
Does anyone know that there are 666k views?!?!
Austin Perez
Dear Sam, make a third toucan painting out of LED lights 😂 that would be amAzing lol
Jonny Pierce
666k views whoa
Janicia Lopez
Can you put gold fish
story and art lol
dear Sam get a lot of anime poster
Kaeley Dedeaux
Why does he have a ring on his ring finger
Extra Cromosones
Is it just me or does that look like JoJo sewas old apartment
Sunflower Feelings
Where did you get the LED lights? I've been trying to find some
susi chuilie
11:47 wow that's so cool 😆
I hope I'll have apartment like this when I'm older
Dear Sam
We want 3am challenges thx!
Tanya Leonard
I want your bathtub filled in with bath bombs
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My First #ASKCOLBY | Spicy Q and A This Is My New LED Apartment... (Tour) 1 day ago   07:51

Hope you all enjoyed! Leave a like if you did and let me know in the comments if you want to see a part 2 in the future.

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