Brother and Sister, who’s cuter? Spelling Bee - feat. My sister 2 days ago   16:20

Bretman Rock
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Laura D
what happened to princess's youtube videos?
Rene CastilloXO
a landlord ! lmfaoo
bianca ivone
What lashes are these? 😍😍
Samella Kamara
What happened to princess channel ???
Is or me or does princess NEVER actually answer a question 😂😂😂. She either repeats what Bret just said or goes around it and talks about nothing lmfao gotta love it
Alba Monroe
Princess: it looks like I suck d*ck sideways
Bretman: don’t you ?
Princess: what you mean....
Bretman: 😳
*cut to next scene*
Mary Anno
1:56 Me when my sister asks me a dumb question
ruby july
the beginning of him screaming reminds of guys in a mariachi band
Hi Bye
It’s hypocritical because MAC cosmetics tests heavily on animals. Please try to switch to cruelty free lines! Let’s save ALL animals ✨✨
Arsomoru Maitoyame
dude you could've had potential to be fucking buff with a bunch of bitches.........? :)
Paola F
wait wtf chris is latino???? i never knew. i thought he was filipino (please don’t get offended. i’m latina and i know we all come in different shades)
Paola F
i love how they always match outfits it’s so cute
Jack Robinson
Stop recommending this bullshit, youtube!!
I agree with what Princess said about moving in with a partner. A A lot of patience is needed and compromises are usually done. I understand that this is a hard decision to make so weigh carefully the pros and cons. Can't the boyfriend move in with Bret instead?
Honestly that try it on feature is soooooooooooo neat. It makes you determine what color you want and what suits your skin tone. This makes me want to hoard lipsticks!!!!!!!!
Bretman at 1:56 to 2:02 is soooooooo me when someone close to me does the same mistake as Princess did at that moment. LOL. I laughed for real when I saw real despair in Bretman's eyes. That was priceless! If I'm having tea rn it'll spill right out of my nostrils.
If your in highschool you would know what *laissez-faire* means .
Carli Lopez
Hahahah “what do you mean?”
I died
Gracie Suastegui
In the center has me dead 😂😂😂
Daniel Cabrera
7:37 I don’t know why I just died when it panned over to Princess’ face 😂😂
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Spelling Bee - feat. My sister Brother and Sister, who’s cuter? 2 days ago   15:07

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