Arcus velomobile - Arcus kinneri How to Make Your Velomobile Safer 2 days ago   13:01

Arto Joutsimäki
Arcus kinnerin asennusohjeet - assembling instructions for the Arcus velomobile

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Bruneau François
Hello, substitles in english could be fine please
Robert Joseph Bussiere
Is this a kit you can buy? Or is it plans? It looks like a very good velo. I would love to buy the kit if it has one.
The old carpenter adage is measure twice cut once - for a velo shell, measure 5 times then measure again because you only get one cut!
Thanks for sharing
Con Cahill
Thank you for posting this. A very elegant design, it is interesting to see how you put it together, although, as I speak no Norwegian (?) and read less, it is matter of following the video.
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How to Make Your Velomobile Safer Arcus velomobile - Arcus kinneri 2 days ago   13:00

Here is few tips how to make your velomobile safer on the road. I have also few guests talking about their opinions about velomobile safety. Check their YouTube channels:


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