AI Is Helping Supply 1 Billion People AI is the New Electricity 10 months ago   02:04

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India is changing the way energy happens by bringing together the power of hardware with software. Watch to see how.

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lilian lily
I love this guy
lilian lily
I used this in my presentation. I love this video, can't stop watching!
Rohit Agarwal
bla bla marketing no content
Nannette Battista
I did something very similar, new plans from Avasva helped me with this.
Hamara India
Predictive maintenance my ass. Ask them to make maintenance a priority. Our infrastructures are crumbling.
Kadin Hernandez
Your home may be utilizing too much energy, what method can you follow to pay these bills without having to move out in a few months. Energy Star stated that energy is consumed mainly by heaters and coolers at home. By utilizing this producing power method “boma fetching unique” (Google it), you could produce your own power and save cash on bills.
Regan Johns
Deception- Time for cow head to stop exporting Beef and start consuming some to gain some relevance!!
Dhrumil Barot
I am super excited that I am going to be part of this emerging AI loaded industry and society..
Doesn't really sound like AI to me. Just a better form of analytics. Artificial General intelligence in what we think of during Sci-fi movies is different from this. Good to see india growing though, better for everyone.
Tzu Kit
But it opens up possibility to hack attacks
Mukesh Khumar
This how they Manipulate Human Civilization by the word "Helping People" they are a Trader's they sell their products or services insted don't Help If Government cant Provide or Sell Power 🔋 Get lost The Requirements will find its own way Create Free Energy, Magnetic Self Power Generators, Hyderogen Power from Water
Darth Vader
India has big challenge. But when I faces they accept these challenges.
Yadi Anyankah
I love this guy!!
sumeet sharma
India is future of world. ..! I know we fighting with many issue right now but in coming 10 years u see. India will be running in every sector. .we gonna run the world !! Superpower of world 💪
Prateek Sharma
Doubtful. Don't think he will get funding for smart grid. Energy sector is the slowest moving and most resistant to change.
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AI is the New Electricity AI Is Helping Supply 1 Billion People 10 months ago   20:32

Dr. Andrew Ng, Founder + CEO,;
Co-founder, Coursera; Adjunct Professor, Stanford

Dr. Ng suggests that AI is going to touch every industry -- much like the lightbulb did for us.

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