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Hi, everybody! I would like to tell you a story, no more and no less, about how different human fate can be. It will not be a funny story because I will tell you how I betrayed my best friend. But this is only one point of view, because I see it all from a completely different angle. By the way, my name is Tonya, and I just turned seventeen not very long ago.

It all started approximately ten, or maybe eleven years ago, I don’t remember exactly. I was a little kid and lived with my parents in a small, cozy house on the outskirts of a little town. And I only had one friend - Olive.

She was one and half years older than me and lived on a nearby plot of land. Her parents were pretty poor, so they did not own a house. They just lived in an old trailer parked on the land. But they were polite and nice people, so my mother supported my friendship with Olive."
At that time Olive and I were so inseparable that we even had something like a ceremony in order to perpetuate our friendship. Now I understand that it was ridiculous and foolish, but for us little girls, it was extremely important. An old oak tree was near our house, and Olive suggested that we carve the words: “Olive and Tonya – friends forever!” on its bark. I remember that Olive had stolen her father’s knife, I remember that it was a miracle that we did not cut ourselves while we were carving the letters, and I even remember that my name was misspelled. I guess you probably have some good memories about your childhood friends too, right?

That’s why Olive and I were so terribly upset when my father got a job in the capital city of the state we lived in and I realized that our moving was inevitable. We both cried a lot, for us it seemed like these stupid adults were separating us - us, who were practically sisters! In order to make things easier for me, my parents registered an e-mail address for me and suggested we do the same for Olive so that we could write to each other and stay in touch.

Olive and I wrote to each other for a year or so, but… less and less frequently, and then we stopped writing to each other at all – I lost the password to my e-mail account and didn't create another – I went to school and made new friends there.

However, I did not lose contact with Olive entirely – after three years her parents brought her to our city. Both Olive and I were extremely happy to see each other. The abandoned correspondence was quickly forgotten, and we spent the whole day together, with sincere pleasure, walking in the nearby park. There was only one misunderstanding that came up between us – I could not stop talking about my school drama club where I enrolled a little while ago and where I was already preparing for my first performance, but Olive seemed completely uninterested in it. Then I asked her what she was doing at our hometown school, and she replied that she was not doing anything in particular. But not because there were no electives at my small country school, but rather because Olive was not into these silly things. The only topic that truly interested Olive was boys. I noticed right away how Olive batted her eyes at every boy that we met during our little promenade. And frankly speaking, I kind of found it disgusting at my eleven years of age! At that time I thought that boys were the most terrible creatures in the world. Yuck!

Olive and I started to keep in touch again, but the next time I met her was approximately a year ago. For almost five years we exchanged letters and pictures, and at that time I didn’t yet notice how my friend had changed. You see, when I wrote to Olive about my dreams to go to college, to study to become an actress, and to get a job in one of the Broadway theatres, the response I got in the best case scenario was, “yeah, cool!” And that was it. Olive would change the subject right away and share the details of her hectic private life with me. At first I tried to count the number of boyfriends she had had, but soon I lost count. And when I asked my friend about her plans for life, I received, at best, a huge letter full of dreams about a rich, handsome, and cool husband. She was neither going to continue studying after school nor try to gain any professional skills.

But I could tolerate all this, before Olive came to see me again. A year ago I broke up with my boyfriend, my first love, and it was a very difficult period in my life. Olive came to support me, but she chose a very… peculiar way to do so. She decided that I simply needed to clear my head and took me to a dicey neighborhood, with a lot of bars and clubs...

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That was the end of her friendship with Olive. Maybe you will disapprove of her decision, or maybe you will think that what she did was right. Please, tell about it in the comments to this video and share your thoughts about what you would have done if you were in her shoes?
kitty draws studio
Tanya: i told you tho
uchiha uciha yuri
Wow what a sad story😰😰
Ocean shadow RipTide
What if she got pregnant bc she might of been raped I kinda think you should talk to her ask what happened
Her at 11: i wanted a handsome man
Me at 11: fresh dank memes.
trymegurlucanthandleallthis yes
I honestly can get why she did this. She was a bad influence. While as a young girl she was studying, making new friends, and already planning on her future. When all olive did was worry about the next bf on her lists. On top of that she took her underage friend to a bar knowing she was too and got mad when she she tried to protect olive away from all those perverted men cause of how old she actually looked. She was a bad influence. And on top, on top of THAT she went om ahead and had sex with an older man (im guessing he was older from the bikers she described) and brought the drama to her "friends" house knowing what she had done. Now i don't know if her parents kicked her out or whatever and i get why she would go to her friends house but i would also fear my families safety after that whole incident. She was right for taking her to a shelter. Cause think bout it. What was she gonna do in the mid future when she actually has the baby?? That's what those type of programs are for. Her parents already had Tonya to take care of and they weren't even her parents so it shouldn't have been their responsibility to take care of her. As far as im concerned their friendship was already over as Olive was practically obviously a bad influence. Just saying....
Dinsangi Hc
you did wrong to olive, help her and motivate her...
Sandra Asenova
Her at 11 : I wanna have a cute handsome man

Me at 11: how do u get vbucks for free
Unknown Zimx
Her at 11:thinking about boys

Me at 11(my current age):50 ways to mess with your friends on minecraft
Mira Chan
The comment section here is so bogus and boring. I mean can you stop with this cringy comments like me at 11 her at 11.
Gacha Master
Sofietje 864
i think what you did was good and the best for you and for her
jaina cavallaro
I had a friend that was only pretending to be my friend and I know it. I tried to call her out on it, but I gave in quickly. I know what it is like to grow apart from friends and it's not a pleasant one. In the end, I wasn't there and can't tell, but Olive was trying to be a good friend. This is the first time I ever commented. I hope you read this.
Lrslie Friend
zeman woo
Girl(3:23): I thought boys were the most terrible creatures in the world....

All the boys watching the video: I feel offended
Monica Marrero
She is suck a bad friend. She was so not supportive of her "best friend". I understand how it is alot but how could you do that just kick your best friend out of your house. Her own parents kicked her out now you do how awful. You were her last hope. 😢😡💁
Willy Is cool

Fatima Quinteros
Olive is so weird
Fatima Quinteros
Marelina Uriel
She talk alot about how bad her friend was but no a work of trying to help her
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I Picked Up My Best Friend's Girl I Threw My Pregnant Bestie Out Of Home 1 day ago   08:18



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Hey, I’m Emmet. My love for a girl ruined many of my relationships, and honestly, made me act like a bad person.

I had a best friend for my entire life, his name is Patrick. We have been friends since kindergarten and I can’t imagine a friend better than him.
One day, he got himself a girlfriend, and her name was Lilly. We hung out together pretty often and it was always fun, although maybe it was a little bit weird that I was, like, a third wheel - a couple and their friend. And so, what do you think happened? Well, I started to like Lilly so much that I kinda started to fall in love with her. I kept trying to find moments when it could be just me and her, even if it was just for a minute when Patrick was at the store or something. And I know I was supposed to feel bad about it, but there was a reason why I didn’t.

Patrick was always shamelessly flirting with other girls and telling me all about it. Every time he saw a pretty girl on the street, he would make a comment or try to flirt with her.
And it made me so angry that he had this amazing girlfriend, but he was CONSTANTLY hitting on other girls.
I mean, it did make me angry, but to be completely honest, I was kind of happy about it, because I saw this as a chance to break them up.

Instead of just telling Patrick that maybe he should stop doing what he was doing, I... encouraged him, hoping that this would lead to the break up. Every time he would hit on someone, I would comment about how much that girl probably liked him. I hoped that, at some point, Lilly would somehow notice this, or like read his messages, but Lilly was such a sweet person that she completely trusted Patrick and would never even think badly about him.
So I finally decided to show her directly. Once Patrick and I were at a party and there was this girl - he asked if he should chat her up and I encouraged him. He was talking with her for like ten minutes. She was laughing a lot and he was standing kinda near her, like waaay closer than he should have been, and it looked like they were going kiss at any second. I took my chance and took a few photos.

Later when I was hanging out with Lilly I showed the photos to her and she was so shocked, she couldn’t believe her eyes. I convinced her to break up with Patrick and she did it right away, over the phone. I was listening to how he was asking her why she was doing this and she told him the whole story. He was mad. He tried to call me like 10 times but I never picked up the phone.
When we finally talked, we argued for a long time and he told me he was mad that I did that behind his back. I liked Lilly so much that I wasn't even thinking about MY actions.
So basically, Patrick and I stopped being friends altogether. I didn’t mind, because now I had the chance to spend more time with Lilly, and maybe we could even start dating. After all, we saw each other almost every day.

But something completely different happened. One day Lilly called me and said that Patrick had changed and that they were getting back together. I was mad, but that wasn’t all she said. She also couldn’t be friends with me anymore because Patrick was against that.
I couldn’t believe it!
I was thinking that maybe I could win her back, but then... I decided that maybe I should just move on. I reflected on all the things I did, and how I had been a horrible person and instead of doing something useful with my time I was spending all my energy trying to date Lilly. So I started focusing more on studying, my hobbies, sports, and even meeting new friends.

I got more confident and found a lot of new friends. One of them, Kate, was a very cool girl and I kinda started to like her. And I started to think that she liked me too, because she would always text me first and call me to hang out somewhere.
So one day, I finally asked her to be my girlfriend and she said yes! I was so happy about it. I thought this would be the end of the story, but no, I started doing stupid things AGAIN.
It was great for a couple of months, and then... Lilly texted me. She had broken up with Patrick because he actually hadn't changed and everything was still the same as it was before. She had been putting up with it for the past six months, giving him chance after chance, but he always made the same mistakes.

I started chatting with her and I was very chill about it because I had Kate, so you know, I was just friends with Lilly... or so I thought. One day she asked me to hang out and I agreed, never even thinking that it might mean something.
We spent a very fun evening together, and honestly, it had this... romantic vibe to it.

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