The Resurrection of r/CursedImages - Tales From Reddit's Greatest Unsolved Mystery: 2 days ago   15:48

After the cursed images tumblr and the cursed images Twitter, r/cursedimages became reddit's top destination for all cursed images. But what is a cursed image? Confusion and debate over this topic, especially among newer users as the subreddit grew more popular, drove r/cursedimages into an existential crisis that affects many niche subreddits that get very large. Heavier moderation was needed to save the sub.

However, absentee moderators made it very difficult for users to pull the place back together despite the community's efforts. Would the community be able to get r/cursedimages back on track?

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Your ring light's eye reflection is cursed
Pretty soon in the future, there is going to be a video, or possibly “video,” hosting site where its users dissect and analyze videos on YouTube, talk about how great it was, then get stomped on by another “site” 100 years from now.
Brian Prior
Boomer here, who hates Reddit because I'm a boomer or some shit. Love the absolute irrelevance of this video. It was a fun little journey to the pointless.
Easypantz Cock_Master
Ring lights are creepy. Nice vid though, good job. I envy your peach fuzz, but God tells that's a sin, so I try not to think about it to much.
This video is a cursed image
Crystal Nibarger
Have you done some creepy pastas or scary true stories? If not you totally should you an awesome voice for it.
Feybu Reach
The fact that it looks like you have two different styles on your mustache is the most cursed thing in this video
{ Bruxinth }
If anyone insults you, calls you Lil’ Whang, remember, you are Big Whang!
I posted some unfunny Roblox screenshots on that subreddit after I posted em on r/gocommitdie. I thought they were cursed.
Kiz Epic Journey
Like in real life economics, if you don't have strict regulations, there is no innovation and everything falls to shit.
Jake Zepeda
Here's the real problem with cursedimages.
They are subjective.
Sheeper Skipps
This video made me realize that I have a pretty obscure story from around the internet! While no one would actually be interested since it's not anything monumental, I'm sure that some people that were once a part of the community will like and also bash on me for bringing things up. I kind of talked about it in a fragmented way with friends, on social media, and even from people trying to go down the road I went down.
While this comment section probably won't aid me in making a video about it, if anyone actually would be interested in hearing my story about how I joined the ranks of large ARG creators and then diminished into the dust, please tell me. Like, leave a comment and I'll try to do a summary. I would be willing to expand on certain points, but it could happen over the course of days.
The man with the iron anus
What a cursed rebirth
The fact that we treat this like it's a big deal is both amusing and sad at the same time.
I would say a man in a teletabe suit holding a shotgun in a basement Is cursed
Al P
I honestly thought your face was the first cursed image
Faced Man
Cursed Images are images taken out of context that aren't funny.
Joshua Riser
>Says “raises the question” instead of “begs the question”

Magnus Farseer
Finally he learned how to breath
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Reddit's Greatest Unsolved Mystery: The Resurrection of r/CursedImages - Tales From 2 days ago   13:51

Several years ago, Reddit became obsessed with finding out the contents of a mysterious hard drive. In an /r/askreddit post, a user by the name SecretHDD shared that they found a hard drive sewn into a secret compartment of a laptop bag that they purchased on eBay. The drive was partially deconstructed, and SecretHDD could not figure out how to recover its contents. The user asked for help in repairing the drive.

Usually, these sorts of stories pop up on Reddit, but never find their resolution. This story, however, went on for about six years as a user named Dovic came forward and promised to repair the drive using resources at his job. Dovic got his own subreddit, /r/dovic, and a cult of dedicated followers who hoped to find out what was actually on SecretHDD's hard drive.

As the years went on, many Redditors lost hope of ever finding out what really happened here. However, about a year ago, brand new details came to light as dedicated users decided to dig into Dovic's past.

#reddit #computers #mysteries

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