The end of President Omar al-Bashir? What's Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir 2 days ago   07:26

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Reports say Sudan's military has forced President Omar al-Bashir to step down, ending 30 years of rule. State media has said the country's armed forces will be making an "important announcement." Witnesses have also said soldiers raided the offices of a group linked to al-Bashir's ruling party. In Khartoum tens of thousands of people have been rallying outside the military headquarters. It's the sixth straight day of demonstrations calling for Bashir's resignation. Clashes between protesters and security forces have left dozens dead.

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DW News
Update: The army has seized power in Sudan and President Omar al-Bashir has been ousted and arrested. The country's defense minister announced a two-year transitional government run by the military, along with a three-month state-of-emergency.
Mussie Berhane
Next is the president of Eritrea
dodger dodger
Aya is smart and pretty
Thanx DW for turning an eye to our issues
Next Eritrea?
gallo di terachina
Eritreans presdent step back respectfuly if not can't bee brutal we don't want that because you are part of our revolution so do it with honor and dignity peace
gallo di terachina
It's about time Sudan go back to ppl
Roman Soiko
what an evil man he has two arrest warrants by the international criminal court for Darfur he started that 22 year old ciivl war between north and south sudan he destroyed the economy through his kleptocratic ways it is my dream to put the handcuffs on this man myself since my best friend Sabina Carlson wrote her poem hold up a candle if you are an angel about Darfur
Omar Ahmed
NEXT IS ERITREA 🇪🇷 🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷. Dictator must go💀💀💀💀💀💀✋✋✋✋✋
Mariam Issa
Please now Sudanese public stop violence and demos give time to the military to do their job and leave soon. Avoid blood shed and youth torture. It is not an easy task though. Still u are under military rule. Hope Sudan returns to Civilian rule soon. Ameen🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
faiz habib
Another Libya in making.
Yasmain 8
John Jackline
At least sudanese presence in their country make some sense.
West manipulate again. Sudan wake up. It s not democratic. Look what they did to other countries like libya egypt irak yemen since 15 years... Dont belive this media. It s not good. If they say its good be sure its not good. All they want its to remove islamic family moral values for installing porno capitalist slave maker values. And they are really good in manipulating spirits. Like snakes.
meow meow
Sharia law governed country
artwell mareya
If Bashar ever goes to the ICC please dont forget his other friends with the likes of Tony Blair, George Bush, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, they seem to be birds of same feathers.
Brian Dodzo
only time can tell .
Billy b
Mmm. Bread.
Peter Thoya
what about this another crab from uganda by name museveni
Arthur Bekler
Freedom feels good.
yesteryears memoire
This is just the repetition of what happens to the Philippines before same thing. The opposition demonised President Marcos as dictator, no regards for the rule of law etc.etc. The US is behind the regime change again,
co-incidence? After Marcos, their are 5 President who came along and put the country in turmoil selling our territory, privatize the government asset, corruption everywhere, drugs business run by military and government etc.etc. The people regret what they did to President Marcos, they listen to the opposition who is funded by the US to change him. US is after the gold of the Marcoses and because President Marcos
ask the US government to pay more for their military camps in the country which they don't like to do, so the best solution is to remove him from power and bring their puppet to lead the country. Like what is happening to Venezuela, but I salute the Venezuela people because they are more united than any other country.
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Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir The end of President Omar al-Bashir? What's 2 days ago   04:08

Sudan's President Omar Al-Bashir, who ruled for three decades, has stepped down and is under house arrest, multiple sources have told CNN. #CNN #News

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