I'LL BUY ANYTHING IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER Don't break More Police 2 days ago   24:06

The Norris Nuts
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In this video I'll buy anything in alphabetical order if they are items in the letter you selected. The Norris Nuts start the shopping challenge in the video by choosing letters on the table. This video similar to the "If you Spell It I'll Buy It" video and the I'LL BUY ANY SCHOOL SUPPLIES IN YOUR COLOR Challenge. But we buy anything the Norris Nuts choose with the letters on the table. There's actually a twist where one of the Norris Nuts must put up their money for the last round. THat means the other Norris Nuts can buy anything in that particular letter and one of the other Norris Nuts must pay for all of them. Naz could buy a real Guinea Pig if she chooses to dress in that letter G. The I'll buy you anything at all type challenges have been super fun to make. This is one where the Norris Nuts must buy anything that they see in the shopping mall for a good price if it is the same letter they chose. Also someone cheats in the race, can you guess who?

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Don't break More Police I'LL BUY ANYTHING IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER 2 days ago   08:27

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