Gordon Ramsay Enters A Cooking Top 5 WORST First Impressions | Kitchen 2 days ago   09:11

Gordon Ramsay
As Gordon's trip in Malaysia comes towards an end, he enters a cooking competition to showcase whats he's learned.

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Ralph Marshall
Wish I had TV still so I could watch Gordon again. Great shows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
s ss
this is a fix
This should be called " gordon breaking out of character for 9 minutes straight. "
Violette Daux-Bergeron
The look the chef gives to the camera is priceless :'D 1:42
I'm BobbyT
Second is the first to lose. If you lost don't post the vidya. kek
He should make more episodes like this!
This is Steph
Love this man your great x
Rippin Reaper
Love ur videos no bs n straight to point I would love to try ur food because u put love n care
Inferno Gamer
6:43 when your mom catches you beating your meat and the porn is still on.
If I was wealthy enough to hire a world renowned chef, I certainly wouldn’t ask for Gordon Ramsay. I know he has earned his place but I have never liked his attitude in the kitchen. Wether is in Hell’s Kitchen or the junior chef that my son likes to watch.
Sally Correa
Ramsey you should visit the Philippines especially the dessert menu
Jason Auw
you f*g donkey, "the pork is so raw it's still singing hakuna matata"
Andrei Gruzdev
his knife sharpening process always makes me smile
Alex Reid
1:42 Gordon BURNED by her roll of the "whatever" eyes ha ha.
Marecel Schafer
Gordon Ramsay your the BEST COOK for me.Been watching you all the time! Marecel Schafer here one of your subscribers 🤗
Thomas O'Hara
the fear in his eyes
Greg Farrell
Amazing how food can bring people together.
M my fingers Are gonna bent hahaha
When he I’ll be watching closely the lady’s like “oh crap”
Aashish Karki
Did he said : Ferrari of Rice cooker?
I'm dead 😂
Jesus is KING
🤣🤣🤣I was hoping the judges say " wow this is f***k disgusting, raw meat,no good, done."
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Top 5 WORST First Impressions | Kitchen Gordon Ramsay Enters A Cooking 2 days ago   24:33

The top 5 worst first impressions in Kitchen Nightmares.

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