Film Room: How Bill Belichick Sony Michel, Kyle Van Noy address 2 days ago   15:25

Samuel Gold
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In my latest video breakdown, I wanted to see how the Patriots held the Rams to 3 points in the Super Bowl. We’ll cover:

1. Bill Belichick’s game plan
2. Front seven’s performance and how they took away the Rams’ zone running game
3. Coverage trends that Belichick used to counter Sean McVay’s scheme
4. Jared Goff's performance - Was it as bad as people thought it was?

Hope you enjoy the show!

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Watch how pathetic Rams guard 66 plays @ 4:18. This is the Superbowl. Watch him get beat again at 7:46!
Joe Me
Still thought it was a great game.
Em Christobal
Did anybody check the footballs.
3:08 how the fuck is that not an illegal formation?
New Lion
Being that these offenses are like the rams & chiefs style, I think that todays defense need more versatile LB's. The way the patriots move vannoy & hightower around helps disrupt what teams want to do. Thats why I think Josh Allen would fit better in todays game than either Bosa brothers, who are one dimentional
Dan K
Rams did not earn the SB, therefore they deserved their spanking. Maybe next year NFL will enforce PI, and helmet to helmet rules, this SB would have been storybook with Drew v Brady like it should have been.
Lien Law Maven
Great analysis!
Michael Espinoza
rams were to easy in the Superbowl to the patriots.
goober pea
Rams were nervous in the service. The more nervous, the more panic
Aside from physically dominating their offensive counterparts, every defender showed incredible gap discipline and no one ever seemed out of place. The bootlegs were all doomed before they were even called. That's Bill Belichick's bread and butter.
Rams pass blocking was terrible in many of these clips. Have to think though that a healthy Gurley might've helped keep the pass rush in check.
Nathan Ray
1:01 DONTAE HIGHTOWER destroys that dude
Mike Schaff
It’s simple... New Orleans put the voodoo on them
elizabeth brogan
Saints were robbed.
Christopher Chamberland
Thank you Kianu that was a great break down
Timothy Tanner Sr.
Tom Brady is a great defender. He single handedly held the Rams to 3 points by getting pressure on the quarterback, stopping the run, and playing great coverage.
HotPurple-Red DJ
Hey sam, can you do film on the AAF league
HotPurple-Red DJ
I wouldn't blame to much O line. CAM O line didn't play well in the 2015-2016 superbowl. All The Patriots did was expose the rams weaknesses on offense, jared golf (rookie) in development. That's why rookie QBs dont play well in first superbowls.
Matthew Gillen
Samuel just speak like you're explaining this stuff to your friends dude, damn
Gilberto Herrera
Love the break not a fan of the bashing on professional players. Kinda sounds like an arm chair General
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Sony Michel, Kyle Van Noy address Film Room: How Bill Belichick 2 days ago   06:02

Sony Michel and Kyle Van Noy join First Take to describe what it's like to play under Bill Belichick for the New England Patriots and the feeling of winning Super Bowl LIII. They also address Max Kellerman for consistently doubting Tom Brady and the Patriots.

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