How Bill Belichick and the Patriots held How defenses frustrate Tom Brady into 1 day ago   15:25

Samuel Gold
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In my latest video breakdown, I wanted to see how the Patriots held the Rams to 3 points in the Super Bowl. We’ll cover:

1. Bill Belichick’s game plan
2. Front seven’s performance and how they took away the Rams’ zone running game
3. Coverage trends that Belichick used to counter Sean McVay’s scheme
4. Jared Goff's performance - Was it as bad as people thought it was?

Hope you enjoy the show!

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Shea Hogge
Mmmmmmm literally mugging Brandin Cooks for 4 quarters would be the answer....
keith council
They held them too 3 points because Todd gurley was no where near 100 percent healthy
Moor 83
Well not to mention he played basically the exact same team/philosophy in the Super Bowl against the Falcons.. “The Zone Scheme..”
Fucking wizard

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Daniel Brown
Good analysis, (sniff). Go Rams!
Daniel Daily
Im sorry but I can't take these half narratives.

The Patriots didnt defeat the high power Rams offense. Nor did they play them at the Superbowl.

The 1# offense cease the moment Gurley knee worn out and Kupp got injured.

Look at the Rams offensive numbers before Kupp got injured and after. Kupp, Cooks, and Woods were all on pace 1,000 receiving and No defense could stop them.

They never lost a freaking game until Kupp got horse collared.

Secondly, Gurley was clearly hamper by the knee going into the Superbowl. The numbers DON'T lie.

Thirdly, the Patriots copied Chicago defensive scheme that bottled up a Kupp less, hampered running back offense.

Yes they squeezed out a victory against an injured team but to act like they beat the Rams at full capacity...they didn't.
Michael Cason
Just remember don't bet against Belichick...
Gerald Balzano
Add closed captions please.
Rams should not have even been there saints got robbed
Sour Green
I love this breakdown I’m don’t know the most about football so it really helped me understand on certain plays where I was confused
Caleb Kjergaard
Vic Fangio showed everybody how to stop that offense, NE did pretty much the same thing
Thomas Fletcher
The Saints would have beat the Pats . You can't hold Drew Brees to 3 pts .
Goff couldn’t find a pair. Plain and simple
Will Musso
Because the Saints should have been in that game to donkey stomp the Patriots.
Christian Juneau
yung vo
Lol I feel like the patriots didn’t win that game the rams just lost it if that makes sense🤣🤣🤣brandin cooks dropped 2 td passes that every one in the comment section coulda caught lol just sayin tho
Goff is just an average QB benefiting from McVey System.
John Elway
Lol there are actual patriot fans?? That’s so weird.
Bruh, the Pats know teams plays because they film other teams practices and know exactly how they are being prepared against. Its that simple. Belichick is great, don't get me wrong. But it's not all coaching.
Justin Nardine
They say the patriots are too cerebral but man Bill can game plan like no other.
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How defenses frustrate Tom Brady into How Bill Belichick and the Patriots held 1 day ago   16:22

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