Rick Sanchez explains why Russian Trump tells Russia to ‘get 2 days ago   13:03

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Americans need to know the history of broken US promises that led to Russia’s encirclement. During the re-unification of Germany in 1990, the US offered an “iron-clad guarantee” that NATO would expand “not one inch” toward Russia. When Soviet Premier Gorbachev agreed. Rick Sanchez explains how NATO’s subsequent history gives Russia a right feel threatened. Then, former US diplomat Jim Jatras joins to share his insights and expertise.

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John B A
Those countries were not "taken" by NATO. They came to NATO and requested to join. The same is true of Ukraine. Get your facts straight.
Corrine Tsang
Soon there will be Russian pilots in Venezuela.
Gary Gurniak
Never trust the words that come out of the United States and their filthy fucking human mouths Russia is going to do what Russia has to do to protect itself and its people from the fucking World bullies
David Ramsey
This guys a fucking idiot Russia invaded Crimea,, they didn’t protect NATO ,,they started a war a very long drawn out fight ,,America will win easily
Adrian chapman
Western turncoats.The West is all about f..... g each other over its relentless.
Andrew Marlow
Russia is trying to be peace keeper
Dan Sul
Thanks RT for giving us the facts that the US corporate media wont give us
Kansas 4life
People come on! Can we all come 2gether to stop this stupidity. Our Own government is the cause of all this if we don't put a stop to this. Then ALL of US will PAY THE ALTIMATE PRICE! For sum old greedy, American worker Tit, Leachees. That's what the American Government is! Welfare ROYALTY! And I am tired of it
Rød Grød Med Fløde
Rick and Morty brought me here ...?????
big fish
my kind of woman crazy right under plane so cool
Rick Sanchez disappeared and now surfaced working for the Russians....
The should convert a couple of these aircraft in to carrying passengers. The rich and famous have been looking for something to set themselves apart from the plebs, when travelling, since Concord stopped flying.
Gabriel Martinez
What about the countries now in NATO not wanting to be under threat of annexation...like Georgia?
billy giles
The givernments in the west should not be running there countries but urgently seeking psychiatric help
Joshua Auman
RT news is slanderous Remarks and only goes over past news covered 30 years ago
Joshua Auman
We have TB3s lol fuck That toy jet
let's talk about it
This reporter almost got blasted away by the jet.
Cole MacFarlane
I dont hate them i no we are not rite for what were doing to them
C List
Then we must honor those promises made , or our words are meaningless.
Time to reorganize NATO , allow Russia , China , others to join if they wish to join.
BillyBrains Folse!
The American should be all united. NATO should be the EAST of earth. Leave Russia tf along man. They will blow our asses up man wth are they thinking. Get our war machines on our side the planet in our country and countries. Move the war machines we own back home. Don’t threaten nobody. Make alliances with Mexico Cuba Argentina Brazil Peru Columbia Venezuela Guatemala ect. Go liberate the countries that’s people are migrating from the violence and crimes and we wouldn’t need to worry about Russia. Those people want our help. That’s y they’re coming here. Go get rid of the cartel instead of fighting for and stationing our equipment and men in the east. Bring our troops to America to go fight for peace for these immigrants so they can go home and feel safe. Break from Nato. Create the United Country’s of America. U.C.A.
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Trump tells Russia to ‘get Rick Sanchez explains why Russian 2 days ago   06:00

Gen. Jack Keane (Ret) discusses how President Trump can push Russia out of Venezuela.

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