Rick Sanchez explains why Russian BEAUTIFUL WHITE SWAN: Putin 2 days ago   13:03

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Americans need to know the history of broken US promises that led to Russia’s encirclement. During the re-unification of Germany in 1990, the US offered an “iron-clad guarantee” that NATO would expand “not one inch” toward Russia. When Soviet Premier Gorbachev agreed. Rick Sanchez explains how NATO’s subsequent history gives Russia a right feel threatened. Then, former US diplomat Jim Jatras joins to share his insights and expertise.

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KuLdi Lakh
All these NATO members that have nothing to offer but just a military base. They are just AssLicking the US, whose dream has ended in ruling the planet, cause they will never invade Russia cause they'll have China to deal with as well and likewise in invading China and the Russians will intervene.
KuLdi Lakh
Funny you mention Mexico. The Chinese are in Mexico having military hardware overalled and maintained. The fact that California state is sold Land and the state of Hawaii, China is not gonna take it Lying down if US deny them full access due to ownership.
Patrick Gragg
Sounds like a definition of the people in America the way their government treats them
Ruben Elfrink
Why are there american nukes in europe?
Awesome, long live Russia. Venezuelans are free, and can take care of themselves. With help from actual friends with same ideologies. Like taking care of its people not capitalizing on them and making them fight and scam each other just to live. It's over America you have dropped the ball. Move over or be crushed
Well said Mr. Sanchez.
Mario S
Venezuela pay whit oil and petrol for this !
Nick Hjorth
and this ex "diplomat" think's europe is garbage. not very diplomatic. U.S.A is the problem, making planned wars to destabillies middle east. and break humans rights. and break the law to engage in Attack. providing terrorist with weapons. even making terrorist, back in the 80's. and then supporting isis. to overthrow assad. getting a american diplomat to get syrian people to riot. funny at the same day obama came to syria, there was a carbomb during the protest, hitting civilians. it's kinda wierd.
kevin ndungu
No matter how big the US is militarily u can't fight the whole world
Steven Henson
Then what he said happen about Germany and all that did happen in the agreement was reached that way and they weren't going to go any further it was at a stop it was a rap that was over with but as America does many many times in the past they go against their were they pretend like they didn't say it they I don't know how to put this and I'm an American I've been around for a long time I may not look it but I'm hitting on 60 pretty soon here and I've seen lots of presidents and I've seen a lot of stuff go on all the way back in when Kennedy and the Cuban crisis I've been there watching all this stuff and learning and watching and watching and learning and Back Again a man's word is his bond would not be the same with a country if a country says that they're going to do something then freaking do it do what you say you're going to do and whatever you do use passion at at and do your very best at it if you're going to be bad be as bad as you can be be the baddest of them all if you're going to be good be the best you can be be the best of them all if you're going to be a criminal be the best criminal there ever was in the world if you're going to be a president be the best president ever in the world be the best whatever you are be the best and with your words do as you say and say as you do
Steven Henson
When a man says something he should stick to it no matter what cuz I'm a man's word is a man's Bond and if a man is no good with his word then the man is actually no good and I have bad words for that man I won't say but a man's word is his bond that's all you got what makes you good I'm talking about a man what a mix a man good is his word then people say that man is a good man you don't even need a handshake with him cuz his word is all you need
Jeff Harras
America will CRUSH both Russia and China at the same time..
Then there won't be anymore whiners.
Play games, find out..
Jeff Harras
Look Chuck.. Russia "The Iron curtain " doesn't exist!! Russia has been playing on America intrests!!
The Dynamics of the world has changed dramatically!!
i call Bullshit!!
Scrote Wart
Remember The Corporation of America military complex, has decimated the world sad to see its still happening in 2019 🙈🙊🙉
Frantz Vallon
He can say what every he wants but it’s being done the way in the US. We the US has put our faith in the hand of bozos and now our back is against the wall. This time the war will not be far or on foreign land it will be right at your front door.
Frantz Vallon
I don’t care how many arms a country has if it’s leaders are bozos than you have a losing fight trump can’t lead his staff can’t lead men into battle.
Frantz Vallon
It may cause a stink but it will also bring respect and stop the bull shit stop fucking stilling stop the picking on smaller country’s. People around the world has had it. They can’t take any more BS.
the same jet crashed three weeks later. Russia is just a joke.
Urbex Nation
All of you people who think that russia is right about how nato is getting closer your dead wrong!!!! Russia brainwashes kids all the way up to adult hood they lie about border/land history those who lived under the occupation would know and those who live in russia who were told the truth of there country by there parents.... don’t believe me do some proper research and all you dumb fucks who think russia is right why don’t you do some fucking history lesions way before the war and during the occupation of several country’s then maybe you people would finally understand the truth and realize your brainwashed :/
Urbex Nation
How did the russian land fall back hmm?.... because they forced there way into country’s that is not theres and the steal everything.....

Rick some times you are right but this time you changed the story to make russia look good you clearly ignored what russia did to all those country’s that were robbed and stolen and occupied by the soviet union (russia)

And instead of being so fucking ignorant why don’t you do some proper research before you talk about a topic your not even properly educated on
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BEAUTIFUL WHITE SWAN: Putin Rick Sanchez explains why Russian 2 days ago   07:17

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Today, in Kazan, the first modernized Tu-160 aircraft hit the skies. This is an updated version of the strategic jet, the most powerful in the world. In the coming years, at least ten such machines will join the army. The first flight of the White Swan, as pilots call this aircraft, was observed by Vladimir Putin.

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