TOP 10 EGG HACKS AND KITCHEN TRICKS from SLO Donut Co 1 day ago   05:16

Mr. Hacker & Team
Hello from Mr. Hacker team!
In this video you will see most amazing 10 kitchen life hacks and cooking tips, tricks and secrets with eggs!
0:11 - How to know what eggs are old.
0:29 - quick way to peel an eggshells - variant #1
0:40 - variant #1 - with knife and spoon
0:52 - Cooking original scrambled eggs with onions and peppers
1:13 - Egg in a piece of bread
1:41 - Fluffy foamy omelette - do it yourself!
2:28 - Bouquet of flowers from eggs and sausages
2:52 - Easy Omelet in microwave for 2 minutes
3:12 - Easy eggs benedict in microwave
3:37 - Yin-Yang eggs amazing cooking trick with red cabbage
and lemon.
4:28 - Heart from hard boiled egg

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aslam hashmi
Vry nice & thnx i love eggz
Domino Wright
berlina gida
you not germany! idot
Flow Fame
Damn, wish I wasn't allergic to eggs
Azhar Mohammed
subsribed only bcz of 4:55, someone really shows lovetowards his channel.👍genius!
Ppasunuri Rraju
Kartick Ghosh
Farida Begam
Lucky Clover Crafts
Awesome kitchen and eggs hacks
Anchor Bingo.
WOW! AmAzInG,WoNdErFuLL,GrEaT & NiCe Video!👍💖😊😘
From India.🇮🇳
Evi Evita
Lucifer Joydhar
Nice job
Bro back ground music name
Prernaa Kichluu
Better than 5 minute crafts
Speed Legends
Ураааа я научился спосибо и прятного опетита
владимир журавлёв
Не могли бы вы мне помочь в сборе средств на опирацию маме очень нужно срочно пожалуйста помогите!!! Не будьте равнодушными!!!
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У неё последняя стадия тромбофлембита,и надо 70 тысяч для меня это не подёмная сумма,помогите пожалуйста 😭😭😭
Speed Legends
whatsapp status with Anu
Mere muh me Pani aagya😁
Dharmendr Ahirwar raj
Makari 1944 World War II
I Love It!
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SLO Donut Co TOP 10 EGG HACKS AND KITCHEN TRICKS from 1 day ago   04:35

SLO Donut Co. Short promo.
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