What Angela Merkel's exit Merkel hammers Trump as Ivanka 2 days ago   08:03

The European Union is about to lose one of its last anti-populist voices.

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been called the most powerful woman in the world, the liberal West's last defender, and the de facto leader of Europe. But 19 years after entering politics, she has announced she won't be running for a fifth term as chancellor and will be stepping away from politics. Her announcement comes at a pivotal time when nationalism is on the rise in Europe and the continent is still reeling from the 2015 migrant crisis. So what does Merkel stepping down mean for the future of Germany — and for the European Union?

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Happy Friday everyone! Thank you for watching our videos 🌻🌻
Chris Houde
The CDU Christian Democrat union the party of Angela Merkel doesnt seem right leaning they love open borders and the next leader also looks like a lesbian...I mean to me that doesn't say Christian or right leaning to me...did anyone else catch that?
Christine Roberts
She has Kuru disease 🤢
Robert Downey Jr.
So Putin tells Eastern Europeans to ban refugees, then the rest of Europe has to bear the brunt of the refugees, which makes moderate leaders lose support and nationalist leaders gain support throughout Europe.
IIJG27 Rich
Go Nationalists!!
Przemysław Szymczak
This video shows pretty much the situation from obe perspective. I do not believe in the EU anymore as it has been a playground of the rich, using and influencing other economies. Also, thinking differently than Merkel's policy is not necessarily a "bad thing" as per this video suggests. Hypocrytes...
MiketheYung God
Germany always was and always will be governed by tyrannical monsters.
Random Modnar
Mention refugees once and the racists and facists come out to yell their idiotic propoganda
It’s not fair for Merkel to define her legacy by the migrant crisis. She achieved a lot weathering some of Germany & Europe’s heavy crisis.
Well 33% is not alot. And thst graph showed that german did never want to take on the huge amount of people. The cologne attack just shot it through the floor.
Picture This
It means she or the rest of The E.U dictators cannot monopolise
Edgar S
Angie for the win
Who is the guy doing the voiceover?
Im so glad that the nationalistic party in denmark recently had a decline from 21.1% 8.7%
Switzerland 😂
Evan Bermel
AKK is not a moderate. She's even farther right than the Merkel side of the party, taking on the stance that rich people should pay even less taxes than they do now while cutting costs for social programs. What's happened to Germany since Merkel announced that she's leaving is that the left is leaving the Social Democratic (moderate) party and going to the green party. Then Merkels CDU is loosing it's voters who are voting for the AFD (far right).
🇩🇪 Economy Growth -1.
Germany survives on brothels, exactly like Thailand 🇹🇭
Alex S
5:56 Saying "After the attacks in Cologne" but it is clear in the graphs that both the pro-immigrant sentiment and Merkel's approval ratings have started falling since September.
Eng Ahmednour
Who says women can't lead, just see Mrs. Merkel
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Merkel hammers Trump as Ivanka What Angela Merkel's exit 2 days ago   09:40

While speaking at the Munich Security Conference, German Chancellor Angela Merkel called out the Trump administration over the President's claim that German cars pose a security threat. CNN's David Sanger discusses.

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