MARSHMELLO'S SAD ORIGIN STORY (A Fortnite Drift has a... BROTHER?! | A Fortnite 2 days ago   10:17

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It's a tough life for Marshmello. Everyone at school always bullies him for looking different. And Marshmello can't even talk back to defend himself! His only friend seems to be one of the cafeteria workers.

After a another long day of being bullied, Marshmello heads home and jams out. One of his classmates hears from outside the house. The next day she tells everyone how cool Marshmello actually is. Now everyone is a big fan!

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Chaos Tr!ckz
In the music for alone he got bullied
N Hilton
Yeah I’m sorry for marshmallow
klimt rafal
I want marsmelo
Herbert Woods
It's reallll
Mario Luis
Hello marchmello
João Felix
Basmala Hazim
Sooooo sad 😢
Youtube recommended this to me.

Some people should've used condoms to prevent this catastrophe.
youcef bou
Which better ?
Like: Alan walker
Comment: Marshmello
Gamer 4life
Subscribe to my channel I am going to do a 1,000 vBucks give away at 50 subs 101% legit
A Small YouTuber
On the back of the rocker guys shirt it says FALL DAMAGE
George Rubio
What is this those are some nice jams. They are called beats not jams it’s not 2010 anymore
Shark Lover
I’m glad that mellow has a friend don’t juge some one by how they look
Shark Lover
Fun fact
No one noes marsh mellows name
But marsh mellow is awesome he’s the best
Jason Ledford
Marshmello made everyone happier :)
بندر الخثران
الصضضيير لا
Angel Espinoza
Un like 😉👍 si es lindo el video😀😀
WHAT ! And
Vicente Lagos
Marhsmello es la ostia
thiago nascimento
I am from brazil i like your Chanel
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Drift has a... BROTHER?! | A Fortnite MARSHMELLO'S SAD ORIGIN STORY (A Fortnite 2 days ago   10:04

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