The Game Steph Curry Had 0 Points Curry goes into the Zone 1 day ago   10:02

May 10, 2019 | struggled early, failing to score in the first half for the first time in 102 career playoff games, and had just 10 points through three. But he got going in the fourth, scoring 23 points.There were questions entering the game about how the Warriors would weather the loss of Durant -- and his more than 34 points a game. But they didn't seem to miss a beat, getting 21 from Thompson in the first half before closed it in the fourth.| The Game Had 0 Points in Halftime, Then Activated GODMODE To Eliminate Rockets! FreeDa - NBA Video'
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Stephen Curry highlights vs rockets game 6 | Stephen Curry highlights Game 6 vs Rockets

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rosa t
I never watch highlights because just seeing the last 2 secs of a shot made, blocks, and the last guy to touch the ball before someone else shoots it, is generally a terrible way to see how someone actually played. Always misses out the defense. But I love your highlights, because there is always context to how a team set up the shot, in this case how Curry runs to get the ball, the tip that led to a steal, the cleverness on the pick-and-roll with Draymond. I feel like I'm actually getting a good look at how someone played.
tomas justas pro bff
Rockets is shit
Tom McCabe
7:14 Tucker could not have defended him better. Watch how he just has to stop and stare at how wet that 3 was
PorkChop PlaysML
rockets can't win because they are underestimating the CHAMPION!!
Lizzy May
Rockets refs smh 🤦‍♀️
He went into the true zone. 😁
gepoy Ramos
The whole team of warriors....the heart of the the phillipines...never say die hahaha
kevin dwyer
2:33 They changed the rockets score for 42 to 39
Ji58 Youtube
When you sit on the bench and have time to think. When you go out on the court again you are so determined to score.
Niggas still ass he gets carried every fucking game ass I say ass
Taylor Patterson
So I got a state farm ad with James harden in it 😂😂
Salt Pepper
The humble king is a baby-face assasin!
Kyle Voegele
Subject of video starts 3:00
Bro Toyota centre!!? We’re the Scotiabank arena
Avery Bailey
god mode to what
Xavier Suico
It doesn't mean that Steph's looking meek he's weak... if it's time he can steph up to crush you big time!!!!
Dhruv Patel
Nick Amato
Fuck that rockets team lol. Asking for foul calls literally every time they have the ball
Gary W-l-o-t
Ray Allen is still a better 3-pt shooter
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Curry goes into the Zone The Game Steph Curry Had 0 Points 1 day ago   05:13

Stephen Curry destroys New Orleans Pelicans and Anthony Davis

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