Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez DESTROYS Sean Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls out Trump 1 day ago   09:15

The Damage Report
AOC is making conservatives pull their hair out. John Iadarola breaks it down on The Damage Report. Watch The Damage Report on YouTubeTV NOW:

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We had 70% back in the good 'ol' days these putz's pine for... Tear down Fox and GOPieces of shit.
The only thing Sean is a fan of is ridiculous incomes, carbohydrates, and the flatulence that fills Fox airwaves !!!
LR Vogt
The current debt essentially equals the tax breaks given to billionaires by Bush and Trump. When the billionaires pay less, the rest of us must bear a larger portion of the burden of that larger debt. This is income redistribution from most of us to the very rich. Being extremely wealthy is not just different in amount but in kind as it gives them unwarranted and unearned power over all of the rest of us.
Bobby Collins
John, after having watched many TYT, Damage report, etc., and after reading many of the most ridiculous comments on this page... it is clear to me that your audience needs to be people who whatch fox news programs!
You need to let thos folks (such as the ones in the comments here) know what fox is doing!
We know this!! They don't seem to.... but maybe they'll get it at some point!
Miguel Pauwels
why should rich pay for your dumbass and those living off the government
mike diamond
A O C will never,ever destroy hannity,she is too stupid!
If you like socialism so much, why don't you go to Cuba, Venezuela. Nicaragua,Bolivia just to mention a few countries living the nightmare of socialism ? This is the only country where you can work hard and be whatever you want. Have you read the story of the man that came to this amazing country and with one dollar started the company "Goya" or have you hear about Apple or Microsoft. Only Capitalism. Latinos with Trump, Best President ever !!!!
Gary Schultz
It seem the one's making the most, do the least for the US Oconomy.
Cyrus Han
Dumb ass!! what makes you think these big multi million air companies will stay in America if you tax them 70%? Idiot when big companies leave, Americans go bankrupt, No Work, No Job, No Money.
Dee Smith
And how many of these people claiming that millionaires won't work if some of their income is highly taxed are also against a minimum wage?
Ham Nukuto
Fox is always lying to the people.
John Fortun
Why do these fucking liberals think they have the right to anyone's money? You can tax all the rich people 100% of their money and it wouldn't make a dent in the deficit. Fucking greedy assholes, you all deserve to rot in hell for believing in such an immoral thing. Also, dumbass from Damage Report, absolutely no one paid the 90% tax rate. There were so many loopholes that no one ended up paying that.

EDIT: Also, incase any of you moronic liberals didn't know, you can voluntarily donate more money to the IRS. Why don't you make a case for that, instead of forcing people to pay more.
Drive With Zach
Your annual income from YouTube alone is 260k, how can you tell us you're not wealthy?
AOC should test her mettle...go on Hannity and Fox
Shawn Calligan
This commentator is an IDIOT if A.O.C. green new deal were ever attempted EVERYBODYS TAXES WILL SKY ROCKET! thank god it will never happen. The only reason conservatives pull there hair out over A.O.C. is because she is a complete no nothing moron who trys to act like she knows what she is talking about, when she is TOTALY CLUELESS. SHE NEEDS TO GO BACK TO BARTENDING BECAUSE THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO THINK SHE HAS A BRAIN MUST BE FALLING DOWN DRUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Reynolds
This dude is a complete moron
Jonathan Stanley
I wouldn’t necessarily call it “DESTROYING” sean hannity but she fasho called him on his stinking pile of bullshit #f***foxnews
I keep trying to find some smart talk on issues from the Progressives. But all I keep finding is crap like this. Bunch of assumptions and opinions. Progressives have truly lost touch with reality. Sad.
You guys are as dumb as AOC
Walkinbird Van
Fox is always LOADED with fake news.  Why does anyone listen to Hannity, the FAKE NEWS KING!
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls out Trump Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez DESTROYS Sean 1 day ago   04:54

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) challenged the House Oversight Committee to a "lightning round game," shedding light on the US financial system and political corruption. #CNN #News

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