How to avoid underlighting with your Tricks for using FLASH without 2 days ago   10:20

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In this video, I would like to share with you how the angle of light is affecting the look of your portrait. I am going to make a case for the downwards angle that I am using all the time in my own portraiture.

The photo shoot you see in this video was something we arranged spontaneously for fun during our trip to Foshan, China. It happened in our hotel room, which had very pointy LED lights in the ceiling. That’s why the light in the video looks like a disaster. You don’t see anything of this ugly light on the photos. That’s because the speedlight overpowers the room lights easily. You can look up the exact settings in my free quick start guide. Just follow the link above. Our model in this portrait photoshoot is the Xiao Su.

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The blur is infantile and pointless, especially when youtube age restricts any hint of female nudity (even when just implied) anyway.
Augusto Bernardez
Thank you Michael, yes your are rigth i will improve my coming shoots with your advices
Paul Morrall
Great explanation, thank you
Qingchun Shiqu
hey, I'm from zhongshan and nice to meet you
we are follow your series video so many year...and very happy see you back.....
Willie Pierce
I'm going to order an umbrella. Should I get a reflector or shoot through?
Chiheng choi
I live longjiang near by foshan
Chiheng choi
so you still in Foshan?
Long time no see
Great information and good to see you're still around! 2 questions: First, can a white rain umbrella be used in place of a photographic umbrella, or is the photo umbrella fabric thinner so there isn't so much loss of light when shooting through it? Second, when a photographer like you or your friend do a nude photo shoot, what is done with the photos? They're very natural and tasteful and certainly aren't porn by any means, so is there much of a market for artistic nude photography?
Harry creasian
Thank you.. I learn a lot
Roberto Binetti
topang ursada
nice explanation, thank you. do you have flickr account sir?
danny castro
I love your channel Michael. And I appreciate all your teachings. Please make more videos? Thank you 🙏🙏🙏
Yellow Ribbon Studios
Enjoyed your video, let’s. Or wait 4 months for the next one

Marcelo Martins
Hello from Brazil. Great video and explanations. What's the name of the other photographer?
Luis Salazar
Good job 😎🇺🇸
Michael Basedow
Great point you made for the light to be from the top. Chin is definitely lost.
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Tricks for using FLASH without How to avoid underlighting with your 2 days ago   07:14

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