US Opioid Crisis: Record number How the opioid crisis decimated the American 1 day ago   02:52

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Every day, nearly 130 people in the US die from opioid overdoses. That's according to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. And this year, New York reportedly has the highest number of overdose deaths, since the state began tracking them in 2000. Our Alexi Noelle visited a drug treatment and recovery center to speak with recovering addicts about the nation's health crisis.

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Kurt Sherrick
Only five to ten percent of rehab is successful. It is a multi Billion dollar industry that doesn't work. It is not chronic pain patients dying unless it is from suicide or street drugs because they had their medicine cut. Study after study shows only one to four percent of chronic pain patients abuse or sell their medicine because we need it everyday. I have been on opioid pain medication for ten years and I never have wanted to take more than am supposed to and the same with people I know. But you take it away from us and after misery day after day I probably would go to the streets because your the dead anyway and I won't care if it kills me or kill myself to escape the not stop pain. I can barely get around with it. The government is lying. The CDC has admitted that they lied and stacked the numbers. The government has no business in the Medical field. Since they have gone on the war path on chronic pain patients. I overdoses have skyrocketed and suicide have skyrocketed. Anytime the government gets involved they always make things worse. They have created a market for Carfentanil and bootleg pills that look like the real thing but are Carfentanil. Why aren't the DEA hitting the streets like they are raiding doctors that are just taking care of their patients. They are thugs and a protected organized crime syndicate.
Progressive Viewer
February 2019! How/Why is this still so out of control?
Don't trust doctors.
Reaper's END
Opiates are a problem in America so with them cut, they can start lobbying for Ketamine as an antidepressant...

But they claim they can be used effectively in a controlled setting.
Sounds just like the promotion of opiates before these headlines...
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James Murphy
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Crisis? It's been a huge economic crutch.
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How the opioid crisis decimated the American US Opioid Crisis: Record number 1 day ago   10:14

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In northeastern Ohio, employers say they see jobseekers all the time who look like "the walking dead," would-be workers struggling with opioid addiction. The problem is so great, reports economics correspondent Paul Solman, that it's had a noticeable effect on the nation's labor force.

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