Women Have Too Many Options. Even if you do this, It's still 2 days ago   06:55

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Women have to many options, so let us make things simpler for you. Watch "Women And Children First by Rex Havens @ http://www.drybarcomedy.com/rex

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This guy should be a rapper. He speaks incredibly fast.
Notch Johnson
George Carlin remix
floww bucket
Double 0??? Lmao
Tawakalt Oseni
He's great at listing stufff
Leah Raji
I cried from laughing at this
Very funny.
Latoya M.
My husband not only rolls out of bed looking less disheveled than me he even sleeps handsomly. Yes, I hate him😹..
Rock Roll
I like this guy.
ralph sampson
I'm worried. I know what color periwinkle is. Does that mean I'm gay?!
He's heavily inspired by Carlin, but adds his own flair to the act and manages to pull it off. Refreshing and great!
Spooky Boyy
Kinda funny, my engagement ended over this sort of thing
Ten million questions and not one of them interesting or relevant
Couldn’t do it
10 femimeters......funny!
Stefan The Cannon
So there is a double zero size. Wow that is crazy.
Oh God I bust a gut!!
Bird Kooistra
AAAWesome -ness -elly -ota - ly -s -ed -ola -ply ....
He's awesome! So funny! 👍🤣
Arianna Joseph
Haha this is great! I'm actually 000 (20/21inches around the waist) so this is hilarious and relatable.
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Even if you do this, It's still Women Have Too Many Options. 2 days ago   05:40

What do you do when you have that friend that does that thing that indicates they're about to be racist. Watch "Thirsty" by Alex Velluto only at http://drybarcomedy.com/alex-yt

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