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Back when the internet was young and facts still had meaning, there was the History Channel, featuring shows about - you guessed it - history. But that version of the network is long gone today. Here are the biggest scandals to hit the reality TV outlet that's now simply called History.
Ice Road Truckers is one of History's best-known reality shows, depicting the perilous lives of drivers in the iciest regions of Canada and Alaska. And sure, it's been criticized by actual trucker media like Truck News for exaggerating or even faking some of the danger.
But real scandal hit the show in 2013. According to a CBS report, star Tim Zickuhr abducted Lisa Cadeau after hiring her for escort work in Las Vegas. He claimed she overcharged him by $1,000 and demanded she meet him to settle the dispute. It was then that he dragged her back to his apartment, beat her, and tied her up in a closet.
Fearing for her life, Cadeau gave Zickuhr the phone number of an undercover police officer, claiming he could pay her ransom. Zickuhr called the number and unknowingly arranged his own arrest. The Las Vegas Sun reported Zickuhr confessed on the spot that he intended to hold Cadeau hostage and prostitute her through Craigslist.
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Ice Road Truckers | 0:15
The Kennedys | 1:21
Swamp People | 2:19
Bigfoot Captured | 3:07
Hunting Hitler | 3:57
Amelia Earhart | 4:44
American Pickers | 5:47
The Bible | 6:25
Alone | 7:17
Mountain Men | 8:15
Ax Men | 9:22
Pawn Stars | 10:30

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Which of these History Channel scandals do you think was the worst and why?
Jet Decklin
Everyone of these scandals happened after the History Channel sold out. This is not a coincidence.
Connie Avant
I Quit watching the History Channel a long time ago. Its nothing like it was when i was a kid. Now it's just TV wasteland.
Nerio Brandolini
The logs weren't ON a raft, they were rafted. Tied or bound in some manner as to keep them in a "twitch" . Get your correction of history right.
tom d
Anyone remember when the history channel showed executional programs instead of this garbage?
World Wars
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Leo Perez
Fuckin Chumlee! Vegas dont fuck around when it comes to drugs. Money and fame
Christian Brown
Christian Brown
Frank fritz offered 2dollars for a 10carrat ring! Lol Jewish fat cunt
TLC, MTV, History Channel, SciFi/Syfi, have been crap for a good 15 years. I have 3 TiVo’s with added hard drive storage full of programs from 20 or so years ago (we went DirectTV and cut that several years ago because they priced themselves into over $110 a month for 18 channels we actually watched out of hundreds that they offered and nobody ever wanted to watch.) Bye Military channel too....
Ricky Robertson
The only thing I watch is Forged in Fire
Chris Koutroulis
Devil might be too harsh.. demon maybe?!
Hitler=bad man
D Kahn
All the Channels went to "Reality TV" because it's cheaper.

And always remember, you pay a Satellite/Cable company etc.. good money every single month, to watch many hours of commercials.... you are paying them to be able to sell to you.
But...the guy playing the devil doesn't look like Barak Obama...
Chris Ackerley
You have outlined the biggest reason I cancelled my very expensive cable TV. Modern television has become entirely the venue of agenda-driven Leftist liars.
Are you surprised half these people did what they did Hahaha I mean kind of expected most of that shit from half those people.
William Kelly
Ice Road Truckers? Hahahahaha fuck them and the rest of that reality shit. Hahaha
Harlan Mote
They eat each other.. lol 😂
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Musician Careers That Were The Biggest Scandals To Ever Hit The History 1 day ago   11:34

In the music industry, it probably feels pretty good to be at the top of your game. Unfortunately, it also means there’s only one way to go from there: down. Just ask these musicians, whose careers were destroyed by everything from criminal scandals to wardrobe malfunctions to lip-sync nightmares.

In 1958, rock 'n' roll icon Jerry Lee Lewis decided to take his underage wife with him on his tour of England. What happened next isn’t much of a surprise. Lewis had neglected to tell anyone he was newly married, so when he rocked up with Myra Gail Lewis in tow, the British press were naturally curious. A Daily Mail reporter, Paul Tanfield, happened to ask how old the newlywed was. Lewis said she was 15 and ended his transatlantic career in one fell swoop.

The worst part of all this is that Lewis was lying; Myra was actually 13. Oh, and she was Lewis' cousin, too. Naturally, his British tour collapsed. Those that showed up to his gigs only booed him. Concerts were canceled, his expensive hotel kicked him out, and when he finally hightailed it back to the States, he found he'd been blacklisted from the industry. The radio would no longer play his songs, he was dropped from TV appearances, and demand for his performances all but disappeared, though he never lost his recording contract and continued to release a number of mostly unsuccessful singles.

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Jerry Lee Lewis | 0:18
Alan Freed | 1:23
Ashlee Simpson | 2:38
Sinead O'Connor | 3:31
Janet Jackson | 4:41
Milli Vanilli | 5:51
Michael Jackson | 7:04
George Michael | 8:35
Chuck Berry | 9:28
CeeLo Green | 10:24

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