GCSE Science Physics (9-1) A guide to the energy of the Earth - Joshua 7 months ago   04:21

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In this video, we look at the advantages and disadvantages of renewable sources of energy. We explore solar, wind and hydro and then move on to other sources such as geothermal, tidal, wave and biofuels.

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snazzy viking
you know it is a great video when it lasts 4:20
Elan Castle
Bio fuels are a scam they are dangerous and unsuitable look at our coastline tidal and wave could solve our problems easily
Lily Mae
Last min revision gang
2:00 That dam is now in the good hands of the New California Republic
I love to think of shaun picking out his favourite cars for this video
Kbear lly
anyone for tmr???
Sumaya Abdi
how comes in the cgp revision guide it goes into a lot of detail explaining how tidal and hydro-electric power is used.
great vid btw
Louie R
Two years of new physics teachers in a grammar school ruined my physics grade but now thanks to you Shaun I am well prepared for my GCSE in Physics. Thank you and I will donate when exams are over
Maryam Sksksk
Huzaifah Bux
Our physics teacher is great and gets information across quickly without waffle unlike our chemistry teacher and biology teacher. They made us do pointless tasks instead of teaching the content simply and effectively.
Tayanna Laurel
I love you
Sophea Neath Eam
Cool I discovered that my school get your science lessons to teach me
Arshpreet Kaur
If I watch every single video for biology, chemistry and physics and then do questions, will I know everything I need to know?
planti 03
i watched this in science 🙂
honestly this whole energy topic is so depressing there really is no solution we're all going to melt to death hallelujah
Jay Russell
I love this bloke these vids are great haha not
Lanky J-WGM
Finally got a new mic
James Avery
In my biology taster exam, i got one of the lowest grades in the class. I found this on youtube and in my physics I got the highest grade in the class. Thank you Shaun.
Hamid Ali
Sir I went on the website but it does not work is there anyway I can get the revision guide?
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A guide to the energy of the Earth - Joshua GCSE Science Physics (9-1) 7 months ago   04:44

View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/a-guide-to-the-energy-of-the-earth-joshua-m-sneideman

Energy is neither created nor destroyed — and yet the global demand for it continues to increase. But where does energy come from, and where does it go? Joshua M. Sneideman examines the many ways in which energy cycles through our planet, from the sun to our food chain to electricity and beyond.

Lesson by Joshua M. Sneideman, animation by Marc Christoforidis.

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