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At a news conference marking the start of their annual spring meetings, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank said 70 percent of the global economy is caught in a slowdown. The IMF expects world economic growth to decline to 3.3 percent this year. The IMF and World Bank fear that trade tensions, debt distress, and poor policy making could make the situation even worse. IMF Chair Christine Lagarde also warned that developing countries are not benefiting from growth in industrial nations to the same extent they have in the past.

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Redaw Sconford
No more government 'stimulus' in the economy. It only causes economic hardship for the working class!
Toni Kemppainen
Global gains raise!
Nuke Canada
Isn't 2-3% a satisfactory economic growth rate?
Vicki Liberato
S Taylor
Until then they should just start giving everything away for free
S Taylor
Give your life to Jesus..the end is coming!!
monsieur fortuna
Global economy she means USA and UK I guess, Germany is doing just fine.
Kindle Fire
End is near!!
Steel Mcneal
Ha ha. The imf is responsible for impeding progress, lost growth.
V Philip
Any news from IMF is a lie. Ignore it.
Alx li
Banks are the organized crime of the world today. They have destroyed our world and society. But they live in it for how long???they 'll kill us all.
Christobear Calaycay
If what these banksters say is true, then repealing the tariffs will make the global economy will recover WITHOUT BANKS LOWERING INTEREST RATES.
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The Global Economy Global economy caught in slowdown 1 day ago   03:29

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