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Straddling the border between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, the Aral Sea was once the fourth-largest saline lake in the world, an inland sea of 66,000 square kilometres. But in 1950, the Soviets diverted the two rivers that fed it in order to irrigate fields and grow cotton. Little by little, the Aral Sea dried up, ruining thousands of livelihoods. Since the construction of a dam in 2005, the water is slowly beginning to rise, and with it residents' hopes. FRANCE 24 went to meet them.

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Robert Graham
Send them former New York (9/11 - inside job man) Rudy Giuliani to rape the nations oil - oh he's already there doing that - after leaving NY - after his wife devoiced him - he reported he was only worth 14.000 dollars - to explain his millions after 9/11 - he went into the oil business to cover financial gain after 9/11 - three card Monte/LOL LOL SLOBS.
The Ultimate Reductionist
Free market anarchy, i.e. capitalism, is an economic holocaust & environmental disaster. It is unsustainable & unjust.
Magenelli Epikrati
Reforest the shores with mangroves!
Torpedox ttocsyor
Obviously nobody is Starving.
Matthew Bassett
Worst ever, how about Chernobyl or Fukushima worst ever.... worst-ever is the governmental need to destroy the world.
Where did the water actually go?
This guy talks utter tosh "the rivers that fuelled the sea". You fuel a power station or an engine etc. A river will fill a lake or inland sea- with water, not petrol- which is a fuel.
Always Believe The Man
Another example of Global Warming of the Liberal Mind because if the Sea was a bustling town it would be hailed as a defeat of Capitalism for every Liberal online...
Always Believe The Man
It will only be a success when they have streets full of legal brothels and gambling joints. MEN need and the men need these things to make the money flow to grow the economy so these poor attractive Broads don't have to do dirty jobs like milking goats or slaughtering pigs all day for like $20! These Broads could easily earn $20 per hour in brothels, nudy bars, massage parlors and those type jobs and at most spend maybe 10 hours PER WEEK actually working. Broads with brains BWB will take this idea and get rich. Broads get with it.
Wolfgang Breitenseher
thanks to global warming, there will be more and more water vapor in the air and more precipitation.
Joseph Howard
What is a 68000 km square mile lake?
Im not there See ya
I can't believe the size of that silver carp it's huge I hope these people are not overfishing and are taking care of the fish population and giving it time to replenish. Somebody should be sent out there to educate these people to make sure they can remain on an upswing
Souvik Sinha
Finally Borat appears, I was waiting only to see him
sharon richards
How about just stop diverting the water?
Brian D. Stone
Excellent video, great brain food!
Jamie Nelson
Exactly the same thing is happening in Australia our Rivers have been diverted to grow Cotton and now people can't fish anymore cause the river is dry
Shane Skiles
Cops bugged my home prism is killing my family bone pain i was set up
The direct diversion of 2 rivers of water into the Aral Sea was either ignorance of the principle of cause and effect or, deliberate action of cause and effect.
Greg Herman Greg
Makes one so sorry for all the poor people and especially the children poisoned by the excessive use of artificial fertilizers / Just so we can get some cotton .... BLOODY RUSSIANS
Cwcoc withrow
Mother russia has failed twice:
And end of Soviet Union
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Aral Sea Reborn - earthrise Video: Dried-up Aral Sea springs 1 day ago   11:46

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Kazakhstan's Aral Sea was once the world's fourth largest lake, a rich haven for fish, birds and other wildlife. It was also home to bustling fishing ports such as Aralsk. But starting in the 1960s, massive agricultural expansion saw much of the water from the two rivers that feed the lake diverted into thousands of canals to irrigate crops. This caused the Aral Sea to shrink by 70% and split into two.

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