How the New Jersey Nets wasted a prime Alex Rodriguez ruined his friendship 2 days ago   14:30

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In the mid-2000s, the NBA's Western Conference faltered a bit, allowing for the Eastern Conference to swoop in and win a couple championships. Heading into that mini era, anyone would have picked the New Jersey Nets to snatch at least one of those trophies. But instead of seizing the throne, the Nets followed back-to-back Finals visits with disaster: heartbreaking playoff defeats, payroll cuts, injuries, bad luck, and an eventual departure for Brooklyn.

This is how the New Jersey Nets collapsed.


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those early 2000s nets were great but can't see them ever getting past who ever came outta west
Big H
I live in new York and did not know what kind of mess the Nets were.
2001 Bucks would be good for this series.
New joy
That stock photo they used for Krstic LOL!
Josh Shermeyer
Do a Collapse about Harbaughs 49ers
My childhood died with 2005 NJ Nets.
Ashish Patel
The nets where dope, even in todays standards. RJ, K-mart and Kidd had great chemistry..As you mentioned they where simply just too weak at the center position, especially going again HOF Duncan and Shaq. If shaq wouldve came in 2005 instead of Miami I feel nets couldve won.. I guess he likes the hot weather or staying away from his family hand outs - haha
Zach W
Demise of the NJ Devils post-2003 to 2013

Lost big UFAs (neidermayer, Gomez, rafalski)
10 coaching changes, most notably Lou replacing the coach when team was leading the division.
Kovalchuk signing and penalty
2012 Stanley cup finals
Lose captain
Kovalchuk retires
Aging roster
Team was on the brink of bankruptcy
Good insights all facts.
Imagine if they kept Korver and Kenyon and grabbed VC....
Jay Jones
Seth is great. Met him once at a Posting and Toasting (the Knicks SBNation site) game watching event at a bar in downtown Manhattan. Great video this was a good analysis of a strong team that fell short
Erik Hopkins
They were NO where near beating the Spurs! However, the reason the Nets didn't win a chip is that they didn't draft Kobe Bryant in 96!!
Robert Ramirez
This video is way off.No way the nets were beating the loaded Lakers and Spurs teams. I love JKidd and the Nets but they were over matched against the Big West
Ted Grover
Lmao “my kidney my kidney”
Ted Grover
Jason kidd woulda been the first Kd 😂😂
Alex Joy
This reminds me the story of the Oklahoma City thunder smh
Cliff Robinson looks like KD daddy
Marc Jackson- former Warrior legend
Brandon Lee
Nba collapse video ideas?

-iverson 76ers
-shaq Magic
-2013 knicks (im a fan lemme dream)
-steve nash suns
-shaq/kobe lakers
-kareem’s bucks
Rom 8
They should've acquired Penny Hardaway in the 2001-2002 season. Penny was unproductive with Stephon, but I think he could've manage to stay healthy for another couple of years with Kidd in NJ and won at least 1 championship.
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Alex Rodriguez ruined his friendship How the New Jersey Nets wasted a prime 2 days ago   17:26

Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter weren't just great young shortstops at the same time-- they were best friends. But that friendship got complicated when Rodriguez played better, Jeter won a lot more, and then A-Rod got the biggest contract in MLB history and used the occasion to kinda disparage his buddy's skills. Things were awkward for a few years ... and then they became teammates on the Yankees. This is a long, delicate beef that may still be unfolding.


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